Taking the plunge for Ramsgate to Broadstairs fundraising swim

And they're off Photo Malcolm Kirkaldie

A sponsored swim from Ramsgate to Broadstairs yesterday (September 11) has raised money for improvements at Warre Rec skatepark.

Some 36 people took the plunge from Ramsgate’s main sands to Viking Bay. Many of those taking part had not swum that far out before.

The group completed the 3.6km challenge within one hour. Organiser Maxine Morgan said the event was only possible thanks to expert support from safety officer Neil Morgan, safety boatman Lance Oram and kayakers Michael Morgan, Nick Hill, Jack Tilley, Ollie Jackson ad Steve Wright.

The weather conditions were good, although bumpy when  further out to sea.

Photo Malcolm Kirkaldie

Swimmer Jayne Wright said: “I loved being able to get lost in the swimming and being able to feel secure way out of my depth thanks to the crew and brilliant organisation.

“It was so special being part of something that encouraged everyone to ‘smash it’ together.”

Photo Malcolm Kirkaldie

Swimmer Ruth Fontaine said she “loved every minute,” while fellow swimmer Julia Daw said the event had been “epic.”

Green councillor Becky Wing also took part in the swim and said: “The support from those on shore was fabulous with family and friends arriving at the main sands to see us off. The sense of achievement we felt individually and as a group was really special.

Photo Elke Heckel

“Coming out of the sea at Viking Bay with family and friends who had followed us there was also so special. There was a real sense of Ramsgate community.”

Residents of Jan Dunn and Davena Green who walked from the main sands following the swimmers.

Davena said: “I am amazed at the ability of them all.”

The funds are for the Warre Rec skatepark, behind the Ramsgate Fire Station, which is in need of improvements and expansion.

The skatepark group, led by Maxine Morgan, Rebekah Smith and councillors Tricia Austin and Becky Wing alongside other adults and young people, is determined to pursue funding and is waiting for Thanet council support following the completion of an extensive document.

Photo Elke Heckel

The group, with match funding from Ramsgate Town Council, has taken possession of a mobile, pop-up skatepark which should soon be taken into Ramsgate but the main focus is the Rec skatepark.

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The GoFundMe and donations on the day have taken the funds to £1,700

Donations can be made on the fundraising page here


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