Victory for Broadstairs driver after ‘unjust’ Lido parking fine is quashed

Lizo fought the 'unjust' fine on principle

A parking fine issued to a Broadstairs retiree who made three attempts to pay at the Lido car park and then left ten minutes later in frustration has now been quashed.

Lizo Ngqobongwana and wife Janet say they tried three times to pay via mobile phone when parking on August 5 but kept receiving an error message. In the end the couple gave up and found somewhere else to park.

The 67-year-old, whose was director of a company that created finance software for the NHS, vowed to continue fighting the ‘unjust’ £100 penalty despite losing his appeal.

Earlier this month Lizo told The Isle of Thanet News: “I believe charging me £100 (£60 if paid within 14 days) for being in a car park trying to pay for parking is grossly unfair and unjust and intend to challenge this charge because this reminds me of the days when unscrupulous companies used to clamp motorists and demand cash payments to release them. It’s tantamount to extortion!”

Lizo took his case to POPLA ( independent appeals service ) contacted councillors, his MP and The Isle of Thanet News.

He also contacted veteran Thanet entertainer Gordon (Battell) Clarkson, who in 2020  won his battle to have a ‘disingenuous’ parking fine from the Lido withdrawn.

Initially ParkingEye Ltd said: “The motorist didn’t make any payment for his parking and therefore received a parking charge notice,” adding: “If anyone has mitigating circumstances, we would encourage them to highlight this by appealing.”

However, since publication of the article outlining Lizo’s battle, he has now received confirmation from POPLA that the fine has been cancelled.

Lizo thanked The Isle of Thanet News for highlighting the situation and added: “I also want to thank my good new friend Gordon Clarkson for his unyielding support and advice in helping me to navigate this treacherous terrain. I think I at least owe him a pint!

“I have received great messages of support from our local MPs Craig Mackinlay and Sir Roger Gale. Councillors Alan Currie and Heather Keen also agreed to write letters on my behalf. I will definitely support a campaign to mandate the improvement of the signage at the entrance.

“I am deeply moved and overwhelmed by the messages of goodwill from readers, I also received encouragement from my Thanet Roadrunners clubmates at the track and hill sessions over the last couple of days.

“I would advise our local residents to be very vigilant when entering these premises in future because the Terms and Conditions of entry are often concealed and intended to be vague. I for one will never use the Lido Car Park again!

“I think this is a victory for motorists who are prepared to stand up and challenge what is clearly unfair business practice.”

Vow to fight ‘unjust’ Lido parking fine after frustrated driver tried to pay fee three times before leaving

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Victory for Thanet entertainer as ‘disingenuous’ Lido parking fine is scrapped


  1. I got a fine when the app gave a wrong GPS signal when extending my parking and made a payment to a different car park. TDC refused my mitigation . So I took it to the appeal board. They quashed it and criticised TDC for not excepting my evidence.

  2. When I’m Transport Minister, I’m going to scrap all parking regulations, along with all other motoring restrictions.

    • Excellent news. I shall look forward to being able to park on pedestrian crossings and outside school entrances when I so choose.

      Yours is the form of deregulation that this country needs. I am also looking forward to driving along the pavement when the road is clogged . . .

  3. There are many other car parks in Kent where you can now only use this wretched mobile phone parking app, and all of them are plagued by error messages when you try to use the app. The option to pay by cash or card at a ticket machine should remain available.

    • The reason for not taking cash is that they don’t have to employ someone to empty the machine which means more profit for them.

  4. Well done sir !

    Wish I had done the same when on holiday in Cornwall. Got 2 parking fines.
    One case I ‘paid’ the machine said thank you. It turned out it didnt take my money.
    Case 2 I paid the amount the machine ask for. Turns out the machine was wrong.

    I got two fines equal to 200 quid both times I tried to pay and their machines were wrong. I appealed and lost lol said it was my fault lol.

    I now always park on the road .

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