Passers-by restrain man following collision on Ramsgate Road bridge

Police were called to the collision on Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs

A driver who reportedly attempted to flee the scene of a crash in Broadstairs today (September 3) was arrested after passers-by tackled him to the ground.

Police were called after a car collided with  the barriers on the bridge at Ramsgate Road, close to the college, at 10.35am.

A witness said they saw three men holding another struggling male on the floor. Police and Network Rail are in attendance.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 10.35am after a car collided with barriers on a bridge in Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs.

“It is reported the driver tried to run from the scene and was restrained by a member of the public. Officers attended and the driver was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and taken to hospital.”

The bridge footpath is closed but the road access remains open.


  1. Well done to the people who restrained him. No doubt the driver who tried to flee was either drug driving or had no license, insurance, road tax or MOT. More police road checks are needed to keep scum like him off our roads, they aren’t just a nuisance they are a danger to the rest of us.

  2. Yet another arsehole driver!

    More police checks would be nice BUT how many would be needed every single day to catch them all?!

    There has to be another way to monitor these vermin drivers.

  3. We could try the American system in which you buy your number plate each year ,you have to show your legal to get one ,or the German one which show your tax is paid by the wheel they ,have on the number plate,it these countries still do it ,BUT none of this would stop morons from driving, or course tax could be added to fuel ,so people who drive most pay most ,don’t think that would ever happen though

  4. Amazed the cops didn’t let the idiot go & arrest the three guys & charge them with causing him physical & emotional distress.

  5. Some speed restrictions have to be put on that road this could have been so much worse if someone had been walking along there and hit.May those man that stop him were in this position.

    • It’s a 30mph road. It wouldn’t matter if it was a 10mph road, idiots like this would still drive like morons as decades of eroding police powers and pushing community sentences instead of jail time have empowered the ferals and criminals.

  6. I live in Ramsgate Road Broadstairs, and I can honestly say our road is used as a racetrack the speed some of the thease nutcases drive is absolutely horrendous, put speed cameras up before someone gets killed.

  7. I live on Northdown Hill in Broadstairs,another road used as a race track. The speed camera positioned on the road makes no difference, they still fly past at ridiculous speeds. Only thing that seems to work is traffic calming bumps or road narrowing.

  8. I am about to enter my ninth decade, and have decided to give up my cycling! I haven’t biked for pleasure for some years, but used the bike so I didn’t need taxies, or a bus! More recently I have been brushed by cars over taking me, or cutting me up, I have been hit twice by cars, once in the front wheel, and once from behind! The problem is cars have got fatter, like their occupants, so they come far to close to cyclists when overtaking. I have been hit twice, and nearly killed, once by a woman on her mobile phone who went through a red light, and once when a driver of a bin truck indicated to turn left but went straight on! No, after 26 years enough is enough, so no more bike riding for me it got too dangerous by inconsiderate drivers!

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