Hopes of bringing back lighting, music and events to Ramsgate’s East Cliff Bandstand

East Cliff bandstand Photo Steven Collis

An application to have the East Cliff Bandstand listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) has been submitted by The Ramsgate Society.

The Grade II listed bandstand on Wellington Crescent, at the top of Plains of Waterloo, was built in 1939 and its listing includes the dance floor, steps and boundary wall with railing.

More than a decade ago the bandstand was refurbished and had coloured lights and a sound system installed.  But it has been several years since the equipment was used following some issues over antisocial behaviour.

There has now been a flurry of activity aimed at bringing the bandstand back into use.

John Walker, from The Ramsgate Society, said: “I had been thinking about the bandstand for a while as it is a bit of a mess and has become overgrown.

“The Ramsgate Society, Ramsgate Town Council and an East Cliff residents group have got together to try and work out a plan to revive it.

“We think it could be turned into an asset for the community so the first thing is to get it listed as an ACV so it is recognised as something the community wants to keep.

“Then maybe it could be transferred to the town council, I can only imagine it is a liability for Thanet council. It could be a good project but needs people to be involved.”

Photo Steven Collis

Ramsgate Town Council discussed reviving the bandstand as part of proposals to improve stretches of the town, particularly the west and east cliff areas, and possibly take on responsibility for some of the assets.

The proposal was put forward at a meeting during the week by councillors Helen Crittenden and Corinna Huxley.

As part of that there is to be a focus on the East Cliff bandstand with agreement that the town council will use miscellaneous funds of between £800-£1,000 for engineers to check the condition of light and sound equipment and estimate a cost to get it running again.

Cllr Helen Crittenden

Cllr Crittenden said: “Corinna and I are really concerned, particularly in East Cliff, about the lack of maintenance in the gardens and public spaces (those not looked after by volunteer groups) and are looking to see how RTC could take over areas from TDC. The idea is to coordinate with the many volunteer groups in a way where we can support them and fill in the gaps between their work.

“The Ramsgate Society has put in the ACV request. Thanet council do not, and will not, have the money needed so the idea is to get responsibility under RTC. It is about finding a way for the bandstand to be brought back into use, working with The Ramsgate Society and other groups – we are due to meet with the Let’s Save Ramsgate Bandstand group in the next couple of weeks.”

East Cliff postcard

Ideas include an attractive light display once more, possibly screening so the area can be used but protected from coastal winds, repairing the dance floor area. having concerts/bands and performances from local groups.

Cllr David Green said some £12,000 was spent on the lighting and sound equipment via funding from his wife Liz in her previous role as a councillor around 10 years ago.

He added: “For a small amount of money this could be a really exciting project.”

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    • Peter may I ask why you so annoyed that Cliftonville GRASS own it and have done a good job to maintain them. If anything you should complain to the new chief exec about this absurd behaviour.RTC have habit of neglect

      • (a) They’ve treated the people and stall-holders of the Farmer’s Market appallingly, (b) The bandstand had a full refurbish/rebuild around 15 years ago, and (c) the Ramsgate bandstand is in a prime position near the harbour and former (and future?) cinema/theatre, so will help revitalise the whole area.

        • Absolutely correct Peter, Grass got rid of the farmers’ market, citing it was being run illegally which it was not.
          The Oval Bandstand was replaced in 2006, when Cliftonville Residents Association, accessed the funding of £185,000 for TDC and as far as I am aware they did the same with the kiosk and toilet shutters.
          The Grass group were gifted the 4 acre site freehold and at no cost.
          Most residents could not believe that it was freehold as it was public land.
          They Grass, have been allocated £500,000 from the MTDB having already receieved £25,000
          The poor old Winter Gardens, an indoor venue was only awarded £300,000 for a feasibility study from the same MTDB
          It beggars belief!

  1. That would be wonderful. I hope it happens. If it does, I will get up there and do a Riverdance in the noddy. On second thoughts, I doubt anyone would want to see my noddy.

  2. I have to walk past it every night, and it’s an absolute disgrace, as is the Granville. Everybody would be glad of at least some weeding.

  3. Would be good to see this in action, would attract more people to come along and see what’s going on and showcase local talent, which am sure there must be many who would like to perform.
    Great tourist attraction in the summer too,maybe next year when it gets a makeover, some trades persons could contribute labour to save costs too. We must make the most of what Thanet has to offer besides the beaches and the sunsets.

  4. Would be great to see this in action, all it needs is some TLC and muscle.
    Maybe some trades people could contribute free labour. This could showcase hidden talent in the area. Thanet needs to offer more for tourism than just beaches and great sunsets. If funds are an issue then crowd fund and see what happens.

  5. Perhaps a bit more detail on “ issues of antisocial behaviour” would allow everyone the opportunity to make a more informed decision.

  6. Many moons ago I held a band competition on Carnival day and it worked very well although TDC who were the in charge then didn’t provide the keys so that we could turn the power on!! we did but i’ll say no more!

  7. Yesterday, we got a train to Ramsgate, strolled to St. Lawrence church for a fascinating guided tour of the cemetary, walked via The Vale to Corby’s for a delicious lunch, and then, while my other half nipped into the Haberdashery & Fabric shop, I checked out Mandy Cairns’ excellent paintings in York Street Gallery. A most enjoyable few hours. So, much as I tease, Ramsgate does have a lot to offer, but they really do need to sort out key things, such as the bandstand, toilets, speeding cars and the lifts.

    • I agree Peter and noticed recently there seemed to be less litter but more weeds. Maybe the rubbish was hiding them in the past!

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