Thanet GCSEs 2022: Students across the isle receive exam results

GCSE results day at Hartsdown Academy

Hartsdown Academy

Hartsdown Academy students have achieved the best results the school has had since the reformed GCSE grades wre introduced through 2017/18.

Hartsdown has doubled the number of students reaching the benchmark Grade 4 in Maths and English, with 40% achieving this grade. The school has also doubled the number of students achieving grade 5 in Maths and English.

Many students have achieved top GCSEs, particularly highlights are:

Alicia Rakasova, Hanna Strycharczyk , Ella Canon, Jack Beale, Nayla Munroe, Kasper Jasinski and Ollie Grain who all achieved top grades across the board.

Headteacher Matthew Tate said: “Despite the challenges of Covid students and staff at Hartsdown have worked incredibly hard to achieve an amazing set of results. This confirms the view of Ofsted that this is a good school who works hard for its students.”

St George’s C/E

St Georges Church of England is celebrating some excellent GCSE results that will provide the pupils with the opportunity to progress in their education.

Headteacher Adam Mirams said: “We are extremely proud of what the pupils have achieved, given the difficult circumstances over the last couple of years.  We would like to wish all our pupils the best in their next steps, and would like to commend the pupils, staff and parents for the way in which we have all worked together over the last year.“

Royal Harbour Academy

Royal Harbour Academy is celebrating how successful the students have been in their exams this year despite the disruption to learning caused by the pandemic. The English Department had 43% of  students receive a Level 4 grade or better, while 38% of students secured a Level 4 grade or above in maths.

Students have had outstanding success and there are a few who deserve special praise:

Sophie Winton for achieving 9 GCSEs including 1 at Grade 9, 2 at Grade 8 and 2 at Grade 7

Sophie Wright was awarded 9 GCSEs with 1 at Grade 9, 2 at Grade 7 and 4 at Grade 6.

Lester Johnston gained 9 GCSEs including 3 at Grade 8s and 2 at Grade 7.

Svetlana Dergacova secured 9 GCSEs including 2 at Grade 9 and 5 at Grade 6. Svetlana said: “I’m excited about my results, I’m so happy! I’m going to study business and go into real estate”.

Jenny Luxmoore, Assistant Headteacher and Raising Standards Leader, said: “Students showed commitment, resilience and determination throughout unprecedented disruption and should rightfully be celebrating these grades. They have achieved some fantastic results and thoroughly deserve this success. I am incredibly proud of our Year 11 students; it has been a real pleasure to work with such a brilliant cohort.”

Sam Wall, Head of Upper Site, said: “The sense of pride we feel for the students at The Royal Harbour Academy is endless. They have worked tirelessly with enthusiasm and confidence during what has been a very different school experience, due to the pandemic. We believe that every student who comes to The Royal Harbour Academy deserves to be the best version of themselves and become a proud and active member of our local community; our Year 11s this year have achieved this and we are excited to see where the future leads for each individual student.”

Simon Pullen, Headteacher, added: “Our students have shown that despite the difficulties of the last few years they are capable of the highest levels of achievement. Hard work, resilience and the skilled support of our teachers has meant our students have done incredibly well this year.”

Charles Dickens School

Charles Dickens School students have received the school’s best results since changes to the exam system.

Headteacher Warren Smith said: “This year’s results represent the school’s best performance since Attainment 8 and Progress 8 were introduced in 2016.

“This is testament to the hard work of our pupils and our staff in preparing them for their exams. It reflects the strength of the learning culture we have established here. It is important to remember that this year’s Year 11 experienced significant disruption to their education during the pandemic, through lockdowns, and pupil and teacher absence through illness.

“I admire greatly the resilience shown by these young people, for refusing to allow COVID to derail their aspirations. We send them all our very best wishes for their next steps.”

There were a number of exceptional performances.

Ted Baber achieved grade 9 in History, grade 9-8 in Combined Science, grade 8 in English Language, Geography and Maths, grade 7 in English Literature, Distinction* in Business and Distinction in ICT.

Ben Guildford achieved grade 9 in English Language and History, grade 9-8 in Combined Science, grade 8 in Sociology, grade 7 in Maths and English Literature, and Distinction in ICT and Sport.

Alice Peters achieved grade 9 in English Language, English Literature, History, grade 8 in Maths and Sociology, grade 8-7 in Combined Science, and grade 6 in Spanish and Art.

Olivia Winter achieved grade 8 in English Literature, History, grade 7-7 in Combined Science, grade 6 in English Language, Maths and Spanish, and Distinction* in Hospitality and Travel & Tourism.

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School

Students Isobella, Anna, Olive, Tilia & Audrey

Year 11 Students at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School are celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results after three academic years of disruption with an overall pass rate of 93%, with 24% at grades 9-8 and 45% at grades 9-7.

Headteacher Debra Liddicoat said: “Students should be rightly proud of these results, having had two academic years where learning was split between in school and online learning and this last year with covid absences still high and students having to catch up on lost learning.

Ayad, Malachi, Jack & Molly

“Their results are testament to our student’s determination to work hard and fulfil their potential.’ I would also like to pay tribute to the hard work of staff over the past two years, supporting and encouraging students and giving up their time both in school and after school to provide students with catch up support where there was evidence of lost learning, and providing extra revision support.

Freya & Shray

“Whilst the vast majority of our students are staying on in our 6th Form, we wish all students good luck whether remaining with us or going on to other school 6th Forms, College, Apprenticeships or the world of work.”

The following students deserve a special mention for their outstanding results:

Marley Barham 3×9, 4×8, 2×7, 1×6

Audrey Benjamin 6×9, 4×8, 1×7

Oliver Burch, 4×9, 3×8, 3×7, 1×6

Kirsty Burgess 9×9, 2×8

Lucas Bush 2×9, 6×8, 3×7

Francesca Coldham 7×9, 3×8, 1×6

Ella Cousins 4×9, 1×8, 3×7, 2×6

Tilly Crimmins 3×9, 5×8, 2×7, 1×6

Ruby Cunningham 1×9, 4×8, 3×7, 1×6

Rachel De La Barra Stone 3×9, 4×7, 3×6

Tillia Elliston 1×9, 4×8, 5×7, 1×6

Nima Fitzgerald 4×9, 3×7, 2×6, 1×5

Luke Gore 2×9, 3×8, 5×7

Freya Graham 3×9, 4×8, 1×7, 1×6

Matthew Green 3×9, 3×8, 2×5, 1×4

Cassia Harris 8×9, 1×8, 2×7

William Harrison 8×9 2×8, 1×5

Sorcha Power 3×9, 4×8, 1×7, 1×6, 1×5

Ayad Ismat 4×9, 5×8, 2×7

Josh Jackson 9×8, 1×7, 1×6

William Johnson 1×9, 4×8, 4×7, 1×6

Rosie Keeble 1×9, 8×8, 1×6

Isobella McAuley 2×9, 4×8, 4×6

Molly McGee 5×9, 4×8, 2×7

Shray Modi 3×9, 5×8, 1×7

Rakshyen Mohanaram 1×9, 6×8, 3×7, 1×5

Peter Ni 2×9, 3×8, 3×7, 2×6

Emily Ogilvie 7×9, 4×8

Sasmitha Peiris 3×9, 8×8

Malachi Phasey 4×9, 4×8, 2×7, 1×6

Molly Pullen 2×9, 4×8, 3×7, 1×6

Jack Read 7×9, 1×8, 1×5

Ruby Redwood 2×9, 2×8, 2×7 3×6, 1×5

Jack Robbens 3×9 4×8, 4×7

Evie Smallbone 2×9, 2×8, 5×7, 1×6

Katie Todd, 1×9, 4×8, 5×7, 1×6

Phoebe Tyman 1×9, 5×8, 3×7

Tara Vidal von Ronn 4×9, 4×8, 2×6

Daniel Wallden 1×9, 6×8, 2×7, 1×6, 1×5

Anna Wu 1×9, 3×8, 8×7

Olive Yalinkilicli 3×9, 7×8, 1×7

St Lawrence College

Students at St Lawrence College in Ramsgate have celebrated another set of excellent results.

Academic deputy head Ben Pennells said: “We are delighted for our pupils at St Lawrence College, who have been celebrating receiving some excellent results in their IGCSE and GCSE Exams. 80% or more of pupils achieved grades 9-6 in Arabic, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Drama, Design Technology, German, Music, Physics, and 94% and 98% respectively achieved grades 9-4 in Maths and English.

“A number of students achieved results that reflected their hard work and dedication over a difficult two years and a special mention goes to Gloria, who achieved 10 x Grade 9s, to William, Somana and Prashangsa, who achieved 8 x Grade 9s a, and to Anais, who achieved 7 x Grade 9s and 2 x Grade 8s. we wish all of our pupils well as they continue with their sixth form studies.”

King Ethelbert School

Students Jessie Ke and Alexia Baker

King Ethelbert School is celebrating some fantastic GCSE and BTEC results achieved by the relentless hard work of their year 11 students. 57% of the students achieved good passes in at least 5 subjects including a pass in both English and Maths with a significant number of the top 9-7 grades across all subjects.

Students navigated the constantly changing challenges of the pandemic throughout their 2 year GCSE and BTEC courses and they coped with this with resilience and determination, working hard with their teachers to rise to learning challenges and adapt ways of working.

Selena Fulker, Vicky Willis (Headteacher) and Genevieve Castle

Headteacher, Vicky Willis, said: “I am so proud of our Y11 students and what they have achieved, especially given the substantial interruptions of the pandemic to their learning and to face to face teaching during their courses. They have thoroughly earned their grades by sustained effort and hard work over time and with the support and expertise of their teachers.

Headteacher, Vicky Willis, with Erin Allen Conway

“We look forward to seeing so many of them return and flourish further in our 6th form. A huge thank you must go to the teaching team who have navigated the constantly changing parameters and challenges with professionalism, intelligence and integrity, and to the wider staff team and parents for the numerous ways that they have supported the students and the school.”

Henry Young, Ben Etheridge, Loui Hughes and Stanley Ball

There were some excellent individual successes.  Among these were:

Genevieve Castle achieved 9 GCSEs and BTECs, 7 of these at the top grades of 9-7 including 8-8 in science and distinction in BTEC sport.

Alexia Baker achieved 10 GCSEs and BTECs, 5 of these at the top grades of 9-7 including a distinction star (D*) in BTEC travel & tourism.

Jessie Ke achieved 10 GCSEs and BTECs, 5 of these at the top grades of 9-7 including 8s in English language, English literature, food & nutrition and philosophy & ethics and a distinction star (D*) in BTEC travel & tourism.

Remy Parrot achieved 10 GCSEs and BTECs, 5 of these at the top grades of 9-7 including a distinction star (D*) in health & social care and a grade 8 in citizenship.

Stanley Ball achieved 9 GCSEs and BTECs, 5 of these at the top grades of 9-7 including distinction in business, sport and travel & tourism BTECs.

Paige Kavanagh achieved 10 GCSEs and BTECs, 4 of these at the top grades of 9-7 including distinction star (D*) in BTEC travel & tourism.

Head of Y11, Dominic Chidlow, said: “The students have not only worked incredibly hard but have been a delight to work with. I am really proud of their results and of the wonderful young adults that they have become.”

Outstanding progress was made by many students including:

Ella Solley who achieved 8 good passes including distinction star in BTEC travel & tourism and distinction in BTEC sport.

Thomas Hughes-Smith who achieved 9 good passes including grade 7 in both English language and citizenship and distinction star (D*) in BTEC travel & tourism.

Erin Allen-Conway who achieved 9 good passes including distinction in BTEC sport.

Sandwich Technology School

Student Matisse Donnelly

Sandwich Technology School is delighted with the GCSE results that their Yr11 students have achieved.  The threat of a thunderous downpour of rain did not put the students or staff off from going in to see how well they had done and share in the celebrations.

They were pleased to see there has been considerable improvements noted since 2019 with 17 of their subject areas achieving higher outcomes than in 2019, the last time that external exams were sat. Across these 17 subjects, results were on average, half a grade higher than in 2019.  53% of the students who attended school during Year 11 achieved a Grade 4 in both English and Maths and 23% achieved a grade 5 in these key subjects.

Mel Sherwood

Tracey Savage, Headteacher, said: “Despite a disrupted three years’ worth of education the students have done incredibly well, showing true grit and determination.  I am very proud of them.”

Alice Clarke

There were some high achievers who deserve a special mention, Stevie Redman achieved three grade 9s (in Geography, History and Sociology), four grade 8s and two grade 7s.  Mel Sherwood achieved two grade 9s (in English Language and English Literature), four grade 7s and two grade 6s.  James Gill achieved a grade 9 (in Statistics), two grade 8s, three grade 6s and three grade 5s.

Matisse Donnelley achieved a grade 9 (in English literature) one Distinction*, one grade 7, two grade 6s and four grade 5s.  The staff are so pleased that all of these students have chosen to continue their studies and complete their A Levels in Sandwich Technology School’s Sixth Form.

James Gill

Alan Cadby, the Head of Year 11, could not be more pleased.  He said: “As a whole this year group have worked so hard, without any fuss.  It just goes to show that with the right attitude and application, difficult circumstances can be overcome.”

Dane Court Grammar School

Year 11 students at Dane Court Grammar School celebrated some excellent GCSE grades on Thursday morning. There were many superb outcomes and individual successes across the year group, with 55% of grades at 7 or above.

Headteacher Martin Jones, said: “The students have worked exceptionally hard and we are very proud of their achievements. These excellent grades reward the students’ hard work and commitment to their studies, as well as the expertise and dedication of the whole staff team. The students have approached the unprecedented challenges of the last two years with determination and maturity.”

Ben Forward, Deputy Headteacher, added: “The students are very well prepared for post-16 study and we look forward to further success in the Sixth Form. The vast majority of the year group will start their IB courses with us at the start of September.”


  1. I think the results this year will at least resemble an accurate picture of the students’ abilities.

    I feel a bit sorry for students who got their results over the last 2 years. Even if they were academically highly gifted there will always be a lack of credibility associated with their results due to their teachers artificially inflating their grades to make themselves and their schools look good.

    It has at least proven one thing. That any assessment made by teachers on their students’ achievements without exams to back them up are to be taken with an extreme pinch of salt.

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