Delighted mum and daughter snap selfie with Rizzle Kicks singer in Margate

Caroline with daughter Kairi and Jordan 'Rizzle' Stephens

Margate mum-of-five Caroline Austin and daughter Kairi, 13,  grabbed a selfie with  Jordan “Rizzle” Stephens of Rizzle Kicks this morning (August 25) after bumping into him at Curve coffee shop in The Centre.

Delighted Caroline, who was in town with her children and husband Michael, says she is a big fan of the hip hop duo, known for tracks including Down With The Trumpets and Mama Do The Hump which sparked a dance craze on its release in December 2011.

Caroline said: “I asked if it was OK for a picture and he said ‘of course, let’s take a selfie.’

“My daughter Kairi is with me in the picture as the others were too shy! It topped off my day, my eldest daughter Aya just got her results from her GCSEs and she passed so it’s been a great day!

“I used to teach my children the dance moves when they were younger from their song ‘Mama Do The Hump’ with my friend Zoe!”

Rizzle Kicks is made up of Jordan “Rizzle” Stephens, who lives in Margate, and Harley “Sylvester” Alexander-Sule.

Their debut album, Stereo Typical, was released in 2011 and was then followed by a number of singles in the same year. The pair have also featured at festivals and had roles in TV and film productions.

Since 2015, Alexander-Sule has released music under the stage name Jimi Charles Moody, and since 2016, Stephens has released music under the stage names Wildhood and Al, the Native, as well as under his own name.


  1. How nice for them (not that I’d have recognised him to be honest).

    I’ve bumped into a few celebs in the past, but probably the lease expected was the chap who played Curly Watts in ‘Coronation Street’, whom I stood next to in an urinal!

  2. I can do better than that Peter . I was once in London standing in a queue at Wimbledon for the tennis and this chap next me looked familiar but I couldn’t place his name . Nobody bothered him .
    We were next to each other for several minutes before we went our different ways .
    Later I found out that I’d been standing next to ……. Matthew Perry from “ Friends “ .
    Told you it was good one ! Lol

    Another good one , also at Wimbledon Tennis was when I recognised George Lazenby , James Bond in
    “ On Her majesty’s secret service “
    Nobody recognised him until I did and when he was giving me his autograph next to Kim Clijsters ( top women tennis champ) people were asking me who he was ?
    He then quickly had a crowd around him asking for his autograph
    I’ll never will forget the smile on his face doing this realising that’people hadn’t forgotten him .

  3. Love Rizzle Kicks! Let’s get down with the trumpets! Really appreciate that Jordan Stephens has spoken up on the topic of toxic masculinity, a really smart young man.

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