Thanet A Level/IB results 2022

Chatham & Clarendon students Darcy Priston, Sophia Richardson, Amber Bragg, Lilly Jackson, Lloyd Goodwin

Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School

Students at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School are celebrating a very pleasing set of A Level results with an overall pass rate of almost 98% with 33% at A* and A and 57% at A*- B.

Headteacher, Debra Liddicoat, said: “Students should be very proud of their achievements, bearing in mind the disruption of the past two years and also the fact that these are the first public exams this cohort have ever sat! These results are testament not only to their hard work, but to their resilience in overcoming the unique disruption to their education over the past three academic years.

“I would also like to pay tribute to staff who have supported and encouraged students over the past two years and given up their time to ensure that any lost learning was made up over this past academic year.

“Whilst the majority of students intend to go on to higher education, I wish all our students every success in the future, whether that be at university, embarking on apprenticeships or going into the world of work.”

The following students deserve a special mention for their outstanding results:

Rohit Antonyganeswaren 3A* & 1A and has a place at Lincoln College, Oxford to study Chemistry

Tim Bentley 2A* and 1A and will be taking a gap year before taking up a place at university in Architecture

Jessica Booth 4A* and has a place at Bath university to study Chemistry

Amber Bragg 2A* & 1A and has a place at Exeter university to study English & Communication

Jamie Brindle 1A* & 2A’s and is intending to study History at Durham

Missy Cameron 1D* (A* equiv) 1A* & 1A and is intending to study Fashion Marketing at Nottingham Trent

Talia Carter 1A* & 2A’s and has a place at Southampton to study Psychology

Evie Danton 3A’s and has a place at Royal Holloway studying Psychology and Clinical Psychology

Bethia Dawson 2D* (A* equiv) & 1Distinction – gap year

Lloyd Goodwin 3A’s and 1D* (A* equiv) and has a place at Loughborough to study Geography

Sophie Hicks 2A* & 1B gap year

Lily Jackson 2A* & 1B and will be studying Philosophy at Kings College

Emily Joynson 2A* & 1A and hopes to go to the Royal Venterinary College

Billy Lin 3A’s Aerospace engineering Bath university

Ruby Lydford 2A*, 1A & 1B IMperial College, Physics and Theoretical Physics

Gabby Martins-Rothman 3A* and has been offered a Degree Apprenticeship in Economics with HM Govt (Dept of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy)

Bing McCourt-Welsh 3A’s & 1B and has a place at Glasgow to study Maths

Abby Musselwhite 2D* (A* equiv) & 2A’s and will be studying Physiotherapy at Kings College

Phoebe Newman-Oke 1A*, 1A & 1B Psychology at University of Liverpool

Ben Pickett 2D* (A* equiv), 1A & 1C   gap year

Darcy Priston 3A’s and will be studying English Literature at Kent

Sophia Richardson 3A’s and has a place at St George’s London to study Biomedical Science.

Jason Russell 1A* & 3A’s and has a place at Southampton to study Aeronautics & Astronautics

Kasmeda Sivakumaran 3A’s and will be studying Neuroscience at Bristol

Louis Sotiri 2A* & 2A’s and has a place at Bath to study Physics with Professional Placement

Joe Sutton-Jones 2A*, 1A and 1Merit and has a place at Southampton Solent to study Yacht Design & Production

Ninjing Wang 1A* & 3A’s and has a place at Oxford university to study Earth Sciences

Ross White 1A* & 2A’s and has a place at Southampton studying Aeronautics & Astronautics with Industrial Placement.

Sandwich Technology School

The Year 13 students at Sandwich Technology School have done well and compared to the last full exam year, on average, the results have improved by over half a grade per entry.

All of the year group who wanted to go to University are doing so, with all but three students being offered places at their first choices, with nobody needing to gain a place via clearing.  This is against the national trend and is a real success.

Some 70% of the A Level Grades awarded were at A*- C with 40% at A*- B and 43% of the Year 13 cohort achieved at least one A (or Distinction) grade or higher. And 99% of all the grades achieved were at A*- E level.

Head teacher Mrs Savage said: “It must be remembered, that for this group of students, these A Levels were the first external exams they have ever sat.   They have had three years of a disrupted education, and it would be understandable if their confidence was undermined and they underperformed – but instead they absolutely smashed it and I am so proud of them”.  She added “I must also mention the teachers, who have worked so hard to make sure that the students were able to succeed despite the difficult time we have all been through.”

Olivia Ringrose achieved an A*, A and B in Film, Media and Criminology and is going to CCCU to train as a teacher.

Lewis Clarke achieved two Distinction*s and a B grade in Business, Engineering and Geography and is joining the RAF for Officer training.

Toby Keenan achieved an A, B and B in Mathematics, Physics and Biology and is going to Exeter University to study Maths.

TJ Jeyakanthan achieved two Distinction*s and a B in Business, Engineering and Finance and is going to Sussex University to study Banking and Digital Finance.

Demi-Leigh Milton achieved an A, B and a B in Biology, English Literature and Psychology and is going to do a degree level apprenticeship at Canterbury Hospital.

Maria Stone, the school’s Head of Sixth Form, said: “They have shown such resilience and determination these last two years and it has been a pleasure working with them.  My congratulations to them all.”

Royal Harbour Academy

RHA students celebrate their results

The Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate is celebrating an outstanding set of Sixth Form results for its students. 92% of students who completed the prestigious International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme passed the qualification. Every student passed their BTEC level 3 course with an average grade of MMM/DD, which is equivalent to BBB/AA at A Level.

Two students achieved the highest outcome within their BTEC level 3 extended diploma course; Daisy Supple achieved distinction star, distinction star, distinction star (D*D*D*) in Public Services and Melody Durndell achieved distinction star, distinction star, distinction star (D*D*D*) in Health and Social Care.

The successful outcomes within both IB and BTEC has ensured all students have successfully achieved the requirements to go onto their next destinations.

There were some excellent individual performances.

Amber Morton passed the full IBCP, gaining a 6 in higher level English Language and Literature, a 6 in Social and Cultural Anthropology, a B grade in Reflective Project and passing IB core components; Japanese, Service Learning and Personal and Professional Skills. Amber has also completed a BTEC Level 3 diploma in Health and Social Care and achieved a distinction, distinction (DD) grade. During her time in Sixth Form, Amber has been an outstanding member of The Royal Harbour Academy school. She has worked exceptionally hard within her studies and has been a true ambassador of the school.  Outside of lessons, Amber has helped lead and play key roles in school performances. On results day Amber said, “I am so happy with my results. There were several times when I wanted to stop, but I persisted and overcame the challenges and now I don’t want to leave. However I am excited to study Performance in Musical Theatre at De Montfort University.”

Daisy Supple passed the full IBCP, gaining a 6 in  higher level English Language and Literature, a 5 in Social and Cultural Anthropology, a C in her Reflective Project and passing IB core components; Japanese, Service Learning and Personal and Professional Skills. Daisy has also completed a BTEC Level 3 extended diploma in Public Services and achieved a distinction star, distinction star, distinction star (D*D*D*) grade. During her time in the Sixth Form, Daisy has shown a sustained drive to achieve her best in all her courses. Daisy has been an outstanding student and has continually contributed to the wider curriculum of the school. After collecting her results Daisy said: “I am absolutely buzzing with my results! Sixth Form has been fantastic and has given me so much confidence to go on and achieve. This morning I passed my interview to go into the Royal Air Force as a Logistic Supplier so today has been amazing!”

Headteacher, Simon Pullen, said: “The hard work and resilience shown by our Sixth Form students over the past two years has really paid off, with them achieving excellent results. We are incredibly proud of them all and wish them the very best for the future.”

Head of Sixth Form, Ollie Donohoe said: “I am overwhelmed with pride for our students. To gain this level of achievement following disruptions to their GCSE years is extraordinary. Their achievement is a true reflection of their resilience and academic resolve. In addition to their outstanding IB results, several students have gained additional qualifications with us, including the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. Whatever their pathway, students are equipped with the qualifications and skill set to be highly successful and should have the highest of confidence. On behalf of everyone at The Royal Harbour Academy, we are all extremely proud of you and we wish you the absolute best with your next steps. ”

IBDP Teaching and Learning Lead, Carla Spenner said: “This year, our Year 13s have gone above and beyond in preparation for their first examinations. This cohort of students were challenged the most when the pandemic hit the world but, they’ve not let that faze them. I am incredibly proud of each and every one of them. They maintained focus and commitment throughout it all. There are some incredible stories of success within this group of students – I want to give a special mention to Marshall Bennett, Daisy Supple and Maia Morgan Green for their efforts and achievements. We know that this group best represents Royal Harbour’s motto of ‘persist’ and I wish them well in their future endeavours.”

King Ethelbert School

King Ethelbert School is celebrating another year of fantastic Year 13 results.

Headteacher, Vicky Willis, said: “We are thrilled with the fantastic IBCP results from our Y13 students. Once again we have seen how the IBCP programme supports our young people in really finding their passions and developing their wider skills alongside rigorous, academic studies. 94% of the cohort passed the full course with 28% of IB grades being the top 7-5 grades, 54% achieving double distinction or higher in level 3 BTEC, and pass rates of 97% and 100% in IB diploma exams and BTEC respectively.

“Our students have done so well and they are off to a wide range of exciting and challenging next steps. They are a terrific bunch of young people who have shown immense character in rising to the challenges, especially in the last few months.”

All students in the sixth form study the International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme which is a rigorous level 3 qualification where students study a minimum of one Level 3 BTEC course and 2 IB Diploma Programme courses, graded on a 7-1 scale. Many of our students achieve a BTEC National Diploma (equivalent to 2 A levels), however a significant number also certificate in the BTEC Extended Diploma (3 A level equivalent) as well as the two standard level IB Diploma courses (equivalent to 0.5 A level each).

Ben Shaw with Headteacher, Vicky Willis. Ben is starting his own business.

The students are also required to pass the IBCP core which comprises of; a personal and professional skills course, a 50 hour community focussed service learning project, the reflective project which is a 3000 word essay where the students explore an ethical dilemma and on top of this the students are immersed in an international culture as part of their compulsory language acquisition.

Rebecca Darch, IBCP Coordinator said: “We are incredibly proud of each of our students and how they have achieved the requirements to progress onto their chosen next steps. Even with the unprecedented challenges they have faced throughout the course of their sixth form education, 75% of the cohort have chosen to accept their place at university, 25%  have chosen to take up employment opportunities or have planned to embrace travel as part of a gap year.”

Marcos Green receiving his IBCP results prior to his gap year working in New Zealand

There are some superb individual performances including many distinction* (D*) grades.

Sussanah Lees achieved grade 6s in Standard Level Psychology and Maths, an A in reflective project, combining this with her BTEC Extended Diploma Business grade D*D*D, Susannah has achieved 220 UCAS points and is taking up a place at Anglia Ruskin University to study Psychology with Criminology.

Ryan Quinn achieved grade 5 in Maths, grade 6 in Global Politics and achieved D*D*D* in BTEC Extended Business, achieving 208 UCAS points. Ryan is progressing on to study Accounting and Finance at Canterbury Christchurch University.

Dillon Thompson achieved a grade 5 in Film, a grade 6 in Global Politics and has achieved a D*D*D in BTEC Extended Business, gaining 208 UCAS points.

Rhys Wilkes is going to study Law at Sussex University and Maisie Withrington who is going to work at Charles River Science Research Laboratories.

Rhys Wilkes achieved a D*D*D* in BTEC Extended Applied Science, with 200 UCAS points overall, he is going on to study Law at the University of Sussex.

Steven Davenport took BTEC Business diploma, achieving a D*D, also achieving a grade 7, in Higher Level English (equivalent to an A* at A-level) and a 5 in History. Steven is going on to study English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Kent.

Kitty Waller achieved a grade 5 in Anthropology and a grade 4 in Psychology with a D*D*D in BTEC Extended Health and Social Care. She is heading to Canterbury Christchurch University to study nursing.

Kitty Waller (left) who is off to Canterbury Christchurch University to study nursing and Lydia Nash (right) has secured a place at Portsmouth University to study Social Work

Jack Newman, Assistant Headteacher said: “I am so incredibly proud of each of the students in year 13. Not only have they achieved a fantastic set of results and are off to exciting and challenging destinations, they have had to face the adversity of this unprecedented situation. They have grown into exceptional adults.”

St Lawrence College

100% of pupils in Further Maths, English Literature, Art and Design, Music, French and German achieved A*-B grades. A number of students achieved results that reflected their hard work and dedication over a difficult two years and a special mention goes to Carys and Toyosi, who achieved A*, A*, A and to James, Fei Fei, Taehoon and Beatrix, who achieved A*, A, A.

Congratulation also to Lauren and Jack who also achieved full marks in Business. We wish all of our pupils well as they go off to universities.

With a diverse set of strengths and interests, our pupils will go on to read a range of subjects including: Veterinary Science, Architecture, Engineering, Physics and Astrophysics, Psychology, Politics and International Relations, English Literature with Creative Writing, and Modern Languages.

Dane Court

Chris, Millie, Josh & Beth all achieved their IB Careers qualifications in Computing, Business & Finance, Sports Science and Health & Social Care respectively to secure places at Southampton, Kent and Christ Church Universities plus an apprenticeship with Kent Police.

International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (CP) students at Dane Court in Broadstairs received their vocational qualification results which confirms the awarding of their IB qualification.

This year 100% of students successfully achieved their vocational qualifications and therefore have been awarded the IBCP qualification. Additionally, 86% of students completing double awards achieved top grades of D*D*-DD, a really outstanding outcome allowing students to secure their apprenticeship and university places.

As well as contributing to the success of the students IBCP, the results of the vocational courses are themselves a wonderful achievement, providing students with a double level 3 qualification (equivalent to 2 A levels) in addition to the excellent IB subject grades they have already obtained.

Achievements of particular note include:

Evie Anderson, Aimee Lewry, Jessie Cherry, Bethany Brenchley and Ellie Lamb who achieved D*D* in Health & Social Care.

Johnny Cole, Stanley Lebon, Ethan Price, Sebastian Szewielewicz, Logan Webb, Daniel Banks, Ethan Latymer and Christopher Nisan who achieved D*D* in Computing.

Mateusz Bloch and Luke Mackenzie who achieved A* grades in their Finance Diploma.

Mateusz Bloch, Malavie Bootes, Ella Greely, Olivia Boswell, George Kazi, Elouise Fisher, Luke Mackenzie, Tilly Knight and Macey Pask who achieved D* grades in Business.

Lucy Hickmott, Matt Weatherley and Olivia Rae who achieved D*D* in Sports & Exercise Science

Chris Pleasant, Head of Sixth form praised “the hard work of all our IBCP students and staff which has produced another year of outstanding results. We are very proud of the IBCP offer here at Dane Court and the apprenticeships our students have now secured in accountancy, engineering, journalism and healthcare to name a few demonstrates why. Others have secured competitive university places at prestigious institutions such as Exeter, Birmingham and Southampton.
“More importantly, we are all proud of the students who have achieved the success they deserve and are confident they will go on to have successful careers in their chosen field.”

Melissa Linton, IBCP Coordinator reflected on the last two years: “This cohort of IBCP students have achieved excellent results across the board. During Year 12 the students’ learning was very disrupted, but their results are testament to their hard work and resilience.

“I am very proud of all of them; the results they have achieved at Dane Court, and the exciting destinations and futures they have secured for themselves.”

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