Eat Well Spend Less roadshows coming to Thanet to help people struggling with rising food costs

Rising shopping bills

A series of roadshows are coming to Thanet to give help and advice to people who are struggling as a result of rising food prices.

The events will bring include advice from frontline NHS staff and council officers, outreach organisations and charities, in one easy-to-access place. Families will be able to access a range of services including:

  • Guidance from Our Kitchen on shopping, preparing and cooking healthy, nutritious meals
  • Benefits advice
  • Information on where and how to access local food banks
  • Advice on what support is available locally by Connect Well East Kent
  • Health MOTs from NHS One You Lifestyle Advisors
  • Covid vaccination information and support

The roadshows are free to attend and people are invited to drop in to the events that are taking place across Thanet:

Ramsgate – High Street, Junction with Queens Street and Kings Street
Monday 22 August, 10am – 2pm

Margate – Outside 51 High Street
Tuesday 23 August, 10am – 2pm

Broadstairs – Victoria Gardens / Promenade
Wednesday 24 August, 2pm – 4pm

Westgate – Ethelbert Square
Thursday 25 August, 10 – 12pm

Birchington – Dog Acre
Thursday 25 August, 2 – 4pm

Cllr Ash Ashbee, Leader of Thanet District Council said:“Food poverty is an issue that is affecting more and more families in our district and across Kent as well as nationally. These roadshows bring together the organisations in each district who are focused on providing support for families who need a helping hand. I hope that families will take the opportunity to come along to speak to the professionals who will be there to help them.

“We are so pleased to be part of this collaboration and I would like to thank everyone who has played their part in making these events happen.”

The roadshows are funded by the government’s COMF grant funding.


    • Indeed it is.
      The Tories have had 10 years to sort things out.
      Ten years during which the rich have got vastly richer, the poor poorer, and the gifts in social equality gaping.

  1. Of course it includes advice on covid vaccination. Of cooooourse it does 😁😂. How else would you lure innocent people into getting injected than corner them on a day when they’re weak and demoralised from hunger 😂.

    • Deary, deary me.
      No-one is being cornered, nor coerced.
      Advice is just that.
      People, if for some inexplicable reason haven’t yet decided to get vaccinated, can ask health experts for advice.
      They can get actual, real facts about the benefits or otherwise of having the vaccine.
      Then, from an informed position, they can make a choice.

  2. Perhaps the NHS Lifestyle MOT Advisors should start cleaning their own house-the first thing you see at the QEQM St Peters entrance is the staff smoking with patients by the wall.

    Then when you actually get in there half or more of the staff you encounter are heavily overweight or obese.

    • If you’re hanging around hospitals long enough to know what half the staff look like, you might not be too healthy yourself.

  3. Good initiative, but I think obese Thanet residents can cut back on the food they eat to one meal a day. Good in the long run.

    The CoL crisis will produce a lot of very slim people by force.

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