Driver leaves the scene of crash in Margate

Image Kent Police

A driver involved in a collision in Margate last night (August 14) is being sought by police after leaving the scene.

The crash took place in Laleham Road at around 10pm.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at around 10pm on Sunday 14 August following a two-car collision on Laleham Road, Margate.

“No injuries were reported but one of the vehicles did not stop at the scene.

“Officers attended and carried out enquiries to identify the other driver, who could not immediately be located and remains outstanding.”


  1. I bet it was nothing more than a slightly dented panel . Oh please grow up. Repair your car and get on with your life. Time is precious

    • Slightly dented panel. Maybe next time a slightly dented person, possibly, and I hope not, someone from your family, will your comment will still be the same. A collision is a collision, no matter what or who is involved.

    • It’s ok sweetie.
      You don’t share my views about dented car panels. That’s ok. Next time you and some stranger bump into each other’s cars DO hang about chatting. You got time. Xx

  2. This is beginning to be a disturbing pattern of behaviour in Thanet in the past week with people not stopping after being involved in a Road traffic accident .or stopping for the police
    The runaway drivers an idiot because the police have only got to do a Dvla check on the car number plate and in minutes they’ll find out who the driver is and where he / she lives .

    • Unless the vehicle is one of those being driven on cloned plates, also it was dark when the collision occured did the driver of the other vehicle have the time / wherewithal to get the registration of the car before it disapeared.

      • There’s plenty of cctv in Thanet to capture the details of the car involved .
        No doubt footage will be used by the Police to nick the culprit .

      • Naaahhh, he was too busy sobbing into his handkerchief calling his mum on speed-dial asking what to do . We know their sort.

  3. Both cars a write off by the look of them. I believe the driver is known to the police and his prints and DNA will be all over the airbag and car. He didn’t have far to run either by the sounds of it. Only a matter of time before he’s reeled in.

  4. The poor darling was so disturbed that while not drunk/drugged up & observing the speed limit he was confronted by another vehicle that made him ram into them & had to leave to get psychiatric counseling as he was triggered.

  5. Hardly a scratch? A innocent women could’ve lost her life! When it happens to you I’ll comment the same sweetheart! X

  6. “A innocent women” 🤣
    Maybe spend more time attending to your grammar and less time wishing death on online commenters whose views you don’t share.

    Kind Regards.

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