Armed officers attend Margate ‘disturbance’ incident and recover machete

A man has been arrested Photo Jo Murray

Armed police have attended an incident in Margate where a man was arrested and a machete recovered.

Kent Police, including armed officers and a dog unit, were called to Trinity Square at 2.20pm today (August 15) after a report of a disturbance and a man believed to be armed with a knife.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at around 2.20pm on Monday 15 August, to a report of a man seen in the window of a property causing a disturbance and believed to be holding a knife.

“Officers attended the scene in Trinity Square, Margate, and arrested a man. A machete has been recovered and the incident is being treated as isolated.”


  1. just another day in paradise , it must be so hard convincing yourself that this does not happen in thanet ?

    • To be fair, Ms Rees has been the target of a sustained torrent of abuse by a handful of people here, simply because she doesn’t agree with some of the sentiments expressed.

      • So it is all fair game – and everybody is entitled to sling insults ?

        It all sounds rather like the school playground – ”she started it first, Miss . . .”

    • What would JJ do, I wonder, if he/she was insulted by anonymous commenters on this site as often as I have been?

  2. Nah, she/he has always a narky commenter on here. Like you too?
    If you can’t hack the poo, don’t start slinging your muck around here.
    Me? I’m just one of the guilty handful.

    • Which is probably why Robster uses a pseudonym. It is social media’s equivalent of wearing a balaclava while committing a crime.

  3. Every area has its issues. True some more than others. But move if you not happy. I live in a lovely part of Broadstairs but my neighbours are vile…its happens everywhere sadly. W

  4. Armed police!

    What next?

    Armed police attending shoplifter reports?

    Its a slippery slope to armed police on the streets daily.

    Imagine how the serious criminals will react to that!

    Thanet renamed ‘Ricochet Town’

    We will all be wearing stetsons within a year.

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