Birchington duo, and dog Eve, take on next leg of 200-mile walk in aid of Parkinson’s UK

Sam, BBC Radio Kent presenter Andy Garland, Caroline and Eve the dog when they met for a radio interview early one morning at Whitstable

Two Birchington women, and a 12-year-old dog, are due to take on the next leg of a 200 mile walk raising funds and awareness for Parkinson’s UK.

Samantha Glynn and friend Caroline Warwick and Caroline’s dog Eve, began their fundraising trek in February.

However, a few hitches led to them splitting up the walk along their Kent railway route. So far around 120 miles of the challenge has been completed and hey resume tomorrow (August 14) from Chatham to take on the remaining miles.

The pair met while working together as science tutors. They came up with the idea to support the charity while out on their regular walks.

Samantha was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s in August 2019 and Caroline’s mother sadly passed away with Parkinson’s in 2015.

The duo are aiming to raise £500 for Parkinson’s UK, which will go towards research to help develop better treatments and a cure for the condition, as well as support services for people with Parkinson’s and their loved ones.

Much of the walk so far has been coastal and local people and landmarks have spurred the friends on.

Sam at Herne Bay

Their efforts have also landed them a place in the finals for BBC Radio Kent’s Make a Difference awards.

Samantha said: “We were thrilled to hear that we are through to the Make a Difference Fundraising Final for BBC Radio Kent! Thank you every one for your donations and nominations.

“Even though East and North Kent is fairly flat we have had our ups and downs and we adapted the route to smaller sections and being flexible with dates.

The route

“So far we have had to factor in: train strikes, heat waves, footpaths that disappear, unwalkable roads and illness.  I have just recently got over Covid and Caroline was ill during our first walk.

“There were also  Llamas and when we tried to run away rabbit holes hindered our escape!  Despite all this we look back happy with what we have achieved so far and the adventure it has been.  Look out for us on the rest of our journey towards the West of Kent.”


The friends are now on their more difficult, unfamiliar sections and have a further 100 miles to walk taking in towns including Ashford, Chatham, Rainham.

The challenge will close with a planned celebration walk from Birchington and Westgate.

Find the fundraising page here


  1. Always good to see people raising money for charity. I would love to donate to you but can’t as Parkinson’s UK conduct horrific animal experiments. None of these cruel experiments have even come near to finding a cure. My own mother was a sufferer in the 60’s. Animals do not get Parkinsons disease and we won’t find cure for humans by damaging animals brains .


  2. I won’t be donating because the charity experiments on animals. They may even use dogs, and ironically a dog is being used to raise funds. Sick or what? Beagles are the dogs of choice being bred at Huntingdon. (MBR Acres).
    Wrong species = wrong results.
    Any school child knows science experiments must be not introducing more than one variable. These experiments begin with a variable added at the start! ie the wrong species.
    The dogs aren’t to blame for people getting Parkinson’s, why should their whole life be destroyed, trapped behind bars in fear and pain?

  3. Unfortunately I too will not be donating on ethical grounds. Any donations I make are to those organisations that do not conduct experiments on animals which do not translate to humans. It is always worth checking which reputable organisations do not use animals in their research. My mother is in the late stages of Alzheimers. I support Alzheimer research organisations that use modern science.I think if the Government listened & diverted more funding to Non Animal Methods that exist and those that need further development instead of throwing money at failed methodologies we would be in a much better place.

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