Channel 4’s Great British Home Restoration crew filming at Ramsgate property conversion

The former nursery has undergone a transformation

A Channel 4 crew is in Ramsgate today (August 10) filming for series the Great British Home Restoration.

The team is featuring a conversion of the former Stay n Play Nursery in Southwood Road.

Couple Marc and  Paula Turnier took on the site and have renovated the main building into five holiday let flats.

They are now converting the rear workshop into a one-bed home and this is the part of the project Channel 4 is featuring in the series.

Marc and Paula, who are both architects, live part-time in Kensington and part-time in Ramsgate.

Marc, 32, said: “We have converted a former dilapidated nursery into five flats for holiday lets and restored the property back to its Victorian villa heritage.

“Channel 4 is now filming our conversion of the workshop at the rear. The redesign has received lots of positive comments from the council in regards to the quality of the restoration.

“My background is in property and I’m interested in renovating and restoring old buildings. The former nursery was dilapidated and empty for years.

“Now the five units are in the main building and we are converting the workshop at the back into a house but have kept the industrial, commercial feel to it.

“Channel 4 emailed after they saw the application on the planning portal, which we were not expecting.”

Marc, who moved from Leeds to London when he started his career, says he was attracted to Ramsgate because of holidays in the area as a child and due to the town’s potential.

He said: “I visited Ramsgate as a kid and then just saw the opportunity. Thanet has so many historic buildings, especially Ramsgate, and is really beautiful.”

Great British Home Restoration features couples and families who transform unusual and historic buildings – that weren’t built to be lived in – into their dream home.

The crew will chart part of the project while filming at Faversham Villa today and then return in September to shoot the completed renovation. The show is presented by architectural designer Charlie Luxton.

Marc said: “There will be a quirky finish, expect concrete floors but with a nice home feel to it.”