Police confirm death of 23-year-old man in Manston crash

Emergency services

Police have confirmed that the driver of a vehicle involved in a crash in Manston today (August 9) died from his injuries.

Officers from Kent Police are appealing for information following the fatal collision.

At 11.25am a dark-coloured Audi TT car is reported to have failed to stop when requested to do so by police in Shottendane Road, Margate.

Following a police pursuit, the vehicle was involved in a collision with a bus in Spitfire Way, Manston at around 11.30am.

The car driver, a 23-year-old man from Margate, sustained fatal injuries and was confirmed deceased at the scene.

As is standard procedure, the matter will be referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Officers from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU) are appealing for anyone who may have seen the vehicles on the road prior to the collision taking place.

Anyone with information is asked to call 01622 798538 quoting reference SM/SC/89/22. You can also email investigators on [email protected].


  1. My sincere condolences to the man / family and friends , also to the Police officers who were involved.

  2. Sorry for the parents of the deceased but also just as sorry for the police officers involved. Having to witness something horrendous like this while carrying out their duties can have a lasting impact on their mental well-being and family life. Got to say I think it’s really unfair that the officers involved are under so much scrutiny when they were simply doing their job chasing a fleeing suspect who failed to stop.
    It’s a tragedy for all involved but The day the police stop chasing suspects who fail to stop is the day anarchy rules.

  3. I forgot the bus driver , sympathy to him, he may have driven that road many times without a problem .
    The fact is for some reason the driver did not stop, he may have had no insurance mot or on drugs , it should not meant the loss of any life .
    Agree the police must continue to stop but perhaps a couple of private cars with officers close by to follow anyone who does not stop would be far less scary than blues and twos up ya bum, just my idea.

    • ‘Far less scary’? They need to be scared! Can you imagine Jack Regan and George Carter from The Sweeney turning up and saying ‘I say, would you mind awfully if you stopped? Don’t worry if you’re feeling anxious, just pop down the local Nick later on…’

      • Not when in charge of a lethal weapon in this case a car. No its not a knife or gun but outcome the same.

        It is very sad the man lost his life but it could have been far worse. With the location near the spitfire place , a group of children could have been walking , people sitting outside having cup of tea whatever.

        I had a friend who was killed many years ago, some readers may remember him.
        PC Jon O’dell he was on duty in Shottendane road , put his hand up to stop a vehicle , car killed him .
        I doubt any in the force will say , its ok least the driver was scared.

  4. Tragic Sad news for all the family and friends of this man, and must be shocking for the bus driver and anyone on the bus or who saw the crash including police, this could have been avoided if only he had stopped for the police, whatever the reason he decided to try and get away from the police nothing can be worth dying for, so many people affected by tragedy,

  5. Whilst the loss of life is something no one wants to read the deceased driver was the cause of his own demise.

  6. The driver endangered everyone else with his reckless driving and that’s completely out of order, it’s regrettable that he lost his life but thankfully it wasn’t someone else going about their day responsibly.

  7. Agree , the driver had no thought for anyone else only himself . It is sad he lost his life but only him to blame.

  8. Poor baby
    These kids think they can handle the consequences of their life choices. They can’t. Poor mother.

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