Pollution teams continue work to reduce oil slick off east Kent coast

Work continues to reduce the oil slick (Photo MCA)

Pollution response teams continue work to reduce an oil slick first reported 12 nautical miles off the east Kent coast at the end of July.

Aerial surveillance flights continue to report reduced areas of sheen and vessels continue to work to collect and capture any visible surface oil.

The Maritime Coastguard Agency, which is the lead organisation on the clean up operation says reports and surveillance work demonstrates that the slick is reducing and the risk to the shoreline diminishing.

Reports have been received of minor spots of oil on the beaches at Deal and both HM Coastguard and pollution response contractors are undertaking regular patrols of the beaches.

Oil found so far – which is confirmed to be from the same source as the slick – is of minor amounts and sparsely spread.

The remotely operated underwater vehicle is continuing to survey the potential source but investigations are ongoing.

Any oil found is being cleaned up by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s pollution response teams.

Photo Mark Stanford

A spokesperson for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said: “We continue our work to do all we can to prevent oil from reaching the shore.”

Work continues off the east Kent coast to keep an oil spill contained and prevent it from reaching the shore.

The first report of the oil slick was made to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency by a Royal Navy vessel.

The Agency is working with local partners to ensure a coordinated response.

Pollution experts tackling ‘significant’ oil slick off east Kent coast