End of Ramsgate Blitz Walks after running in the town for 22 years

Bob (left) has ended the walks due to ill health (Photo Ramsgate Blitz Walks)

Ramsgate Blitz Walks have sadly come to an end.

The walks led by resident Bob Pryor have been running in the town for 22 years but poor health has now forced Bob to end the event.

The walks took visitors on a tour of the town which was one those most heavily bombed during World War Two.

Bob took participants on a journey through those years.

Photo Ramsgate Blitz Walks

Bob said: “Having studied Ramsgate’s war for over 50 years, and having listened to the stories of my father – a Ramsgate wartime fireman- and his friends, it put me in a unique position to pass this on to future generations.”

Sadly, health issues mean Bob has been under a specialist since October for a problem which has worsened and is affecting his speech.

He said: “Sadly, it is the end of the Blitz walks. I have a problem affecting my speech which is a long-term thing.

“After 22 years it’s time to end the walks. It’s not fair to have to keep cancelling  and letting people down.”