Three teens arrested after man suffers facial injuries in Margate ‘disturbance’

Police at the scene Photo Ben Cooper

Two teenage girls and an 18-year-old man have been arrested after a man suffered facial injuries during an incident in Margate this morning (July 26).

Kent Police officers were called to Marine Gardens at 7.15am. The injured man was taken to hospital. The alleyway that leads from Marine Gardens to Albert Terrace has been cordoned off and forensic officers are currently at the scene.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a disturbance in the Marine Gardens area of Margate at around 7.15am on Tuesday 26 July.

“Officers attended and a man was taken to a hospital with facial injuries. Two girls aged 15 and 17, and a 18-year-old man have been arrested in connection with the incident and enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident.”


  1. Them youngsters are our future, were doomed~

    Big thanks to the emergency services that have to (on a daily basis) deal with these minors and aged persons.

    Kind of thinking of a move back to Jaywick, read the news

  2. Might as well just declare the seafront, Margate beach & Marine Gardens a no-go ghetto. Do TDC really think law abiding holiday makers will want to come back here after the events of the last few months?

  3. It’s got to be the Government’s fault, it couldn’t possibly be the parents fault that their kids are out of control feral scum.

  4. There are no “denial idiots”. The comments describing Thanet as a totally lawless area are exaggerations which do no good whatsoever. People like “real world” should get out more and see what living in Thanet is really like for most people.

    • Marva – Clearly you have not been out and about yourself in the area of Margate seafront over the past few weeks.

      Dozens of teens on the prom and on the beach drinking beer and spirits, inhaling large quantities of nitrous, an unauthorised beach party with disco powered by a petrol generator – not to mention the number of successive brawls that necessitated the police to implement a dispersal order.

      That all sounds pretty lawless to me. The gut that runs the concessions on the beach also describes it as lawless.

    • People in thanet would if it was safe to do so ,its not safe anytime of day in thanet, we are prisoners in our own home.

      • Thanet is usually a safe place to be out in, and we are definitely not prisoners in our own homes. Why is there so much paranoid nonsense in these comment threads?

  5. Its one miniscule area of margate. I moved here from Enfield trust me it’s paradise compared to there.

  6. Before jumping to conclusions, should you not be thinking why a man in his thirties invites all the teenagers into his property flashing all the money he has earned, and not by working 9 – 5pm either????

    • Please elaborate on your comment to enlighten us all what happened.

      There was no mention of a man in his 30’s in the article for people to think about, nor anything about him inviting teenagers into his property flashing money he has earned but not working 9 – 5pm.

  7. Margate is a disgusting place drugs drunks and prostitutes not only marine terrace but in the public toilets who in their right mind would want to holiday in Margate it’s utterly ruined by the choices these people have chosen and making our home town’s like a sewer

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