Child abuser from Sandwich jailed for 18 offences

Daniel Noelken.

An abuser from Sandwich who preyed on children online and in person has been jailed.

Daniel Noelken was arrested following a report of child rape in Thanet. When officers searched his property they uncovered hard drives which contained evidence of further abuse carried out against other boys and girls using social media sites.

Kent Police received a report on 15 February 2019 that Noelkin had sexually abused a child the day before, prompting Noelkin’s arrest later the same day.

Forensic testing showed that the victim had Noelken’s DNA inside their clothing.

As officers searched the 23-year-old’s address in Whitefriars Meadow, Sandwich, they found computer hard drives, which when examined, were found to contain folders named after different children. They each contained indecent images of a child. As officers identified each child and spoke to them, the extent of Noelken’s offending was revealed.

Each victim gave similar evidence of being contacted by Noelken on social media. He posed as a child and talked them into sending naked photos and then persistently asked them for more images. He would threaten to contact their friends if they refused or tried to block him.

On 3 April 2020, Noelken was charged with carrying out multiple child abuse offences which covered locations in East Kent as well as attempting to facilitate further offending in Manchester.

In court he admitted 14 offences and was found guilty of a further four.

At Canterbury Crown Court on Friday 22 July, he was given a 12-year custodial order. He will also spend an additional four years on licence and is subject to a lifetime Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Sue Kingsnorth said: “We commend all of the victims who spoke to us and left the court in no doubt as to the severity of Noelken’s predatory offending.

“We have a team who are dedicated to investigating child abuse and ensuring that those who try to take advantage of children are found and brought to justice.

“If anyone has any concerns that a child might be at risk of abuse, we urge them to report it and get the help and protection that they deserve.”

To seek help, visit Advice about child abuse | Kent Police


  1. and he will be allowed to continue enjoying his life , and waiting to get out and do it all over again – these type of “people” never change

  2. Sick b**stard, cut his nuts off and use him for medical testing.

    Should never be allowed to mix with the public again, these people never change. Why do we as a society tolerate these people and such short sentences. You would get more for serious drug dealing! That shows how seriously the government takes child abuse.

  3. when I reported something like this I was told nothing can be done because the person being abused or was abused wouldn’t go to police s.workers basically told me do one cause they don’t care hence why they allow kids to keep being abused

  4. Oh god, I went to school with this guy. Laleham Gap. He always was a complete creep but THIS?! I’m just stunned…

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