Upton pupils’ art with ‘important message’ to go on public display

Art winners Ellie, Rosie and Oscar

Artwork by Upton Junior School children depicting the message ‘protect our planet’ is to go on public display in Broadstairs.

The colourful and creative paintings and drawings will be laminated and fixed on hoardings that are screening the current McCarthy Stone development construction site in Broadstairs Road.

The school was invited to take part in a competition by the developers as part of its engagement with the local community.

Children from Year 3 to Year 6 took part and the theme prompted a range of environmental messages  including ‘stop littering’, ‘do not cut down trees’ and ‘keeping our beaches clean’.

The standard of entry was high and after careful thought the best three were judged to have come from Ellie, Rosie and Oscar who are all in Year 4. They received gift vouchers to be used at Smyths toy superstore.

Upton’s Art lead Stevie Bunce said: “It was an amazing opportunity for the children and their passion for this topic was so evident in the creations produced. The produced an array of creative ideas in a range of styles and media including pen, pencil and paints.

“Although three winners were chosen, as many entries as possible will be laminated and displayed. It is great that our children’s works will be on prominent public display – and the subject matter is important for us all.

“We hope that it will engage passers-by and encourage them to think about the need for us all to protect our planet.”


  1. Maybe these children should be taught that the US, China & Russia, along with swathes of South America have no interest in tackling climate change & they are the ones doing the overwhelming majority of the damage.

    Are people nowadays so deluded they honestly think some litter on a beach or some trees getting chopped down here is going to make any real impact? As was revealed recently large swathes of our recycling is still going to landfill overseas-so you put it in your blue bin & it ends up being burned/rotting away in Turkey & other places.

    How much of this very expensive ‘green’ energy is really clean as claimed? After all the car makers lied about their vehicles emissions for years/decades & Southern Water & other water companies claim to be green, yet have spent years/decades illegally dumping sewage into the sea to save money. The whole thing is a rip-off.


    • Once I’ve put stuff in my blue bin, it’s out of my control. I’m not going to stop recycling just because there’s a chance my unwanted (by me) recyclables won’t be properly dealt with afterwards.

  2. And if our children begin to think “green”, then they can start to pressure their parents, and in a few years, our politicians, to do something about it.

    And not a moment too soon.

    Or we can sit and whinge, as our planet alternately burns and drowns.

    Well done, children. Keep asking those awkward questions.

    • Awkward to who? UK is one of the best for reducing carbon emissions. It is preaching to the converted for the most part.

      Again, it is scandalous that these kids are being taught that men can put on a dress on & call themselves a woman/invade women’s spaces or they are in the wrong body & that nagging their parents-who mostly are already recycling everything they can & impressing that on their children is going to any real effect when the Amazon is still being destroyed & the big three polluters the US, China & Russia have stuck two fingers up to the world on climate change.

      Any promises the Democrats make-even if they have any intention of sticking to them will as we know be torn up by thr Republicans as soon as they get back into power in the name of US jobs. Why are we teaching our children such lies when the ability to do anything stands with nations beyond our control?

      • Oh Steve.

        A narrow dim mind like yours is what the world doesn’t need.

        Your understanding of recycling and the planet is very limited. Basing facts on clearly very little research at 2.33pm on a work day shows me enough to know the kind of person you are.

        How about this, get out of this small little world called Steve’s world and actually see exactly what recycling does and is about.

        Don’t let me argue with you. I will win. The fact that you are trying to discourage children in a very serious topic is why these topics need to be taught. You dumb piece of…

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