Photos: Crowds enjoy the 134th Minster Show

Minster Show fun Photo Frank Leppard

Crowds enjoyed the return of the Minster Show yesterday (July 23) with fun on the Rec including children’s games, shows, music, wood carving and more.

The event started with a parade full of fabulous costumes, carnival queens and mascots.

Author David Lee Stone opened the show Photo Matt Doy

The 134th show also featured a marquee, funfair, stalls, races for children, live music, mascots, chainsaw carving and Punch and Judy with pip the clown.

There were competitions for photos and flowers, crafts and cakes, a VW static display, baby show, refreshments and a licensed bar.

Photo Frank Leppard

Organisers said: “The Minster Show parade was turned into a Mardi Gras yesterday led by The Hair of the Dog. So much effort went into all the floats and fancy dress to make it the best one for years.

“The show ground was filled with stalls and sideshows to be enjoyed by over 1,500 visitors. The sun shone, the music played and the atmosphere was amazing. The Native Oysters Band ,Bread and Butter Duo and The Rock Choir filled the air with music.

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“Minster’s Paul Cornwall who has been part of the show for many years playing his guitar very sadly passed away on Friday, July 22. As a tribute his family allowed us to play one of his songs so he could still be part of this year’s show as planned.

Zio the fox Photo Frank Leppard

“Minster once again pulled together to put on one of the best shows in East Kent. The committee would like to thank everyone who took part and visited the show see you all next year 22nd July.”


  1. Not sure that a person getting their t*ts out (whether they’re fake or real) are really suitable for a family event! Otherwise, great pics of what looks like a fabulous day.

    • It was a fun day , the family sports day events especially were a lot of fun .
      The best of these was the couple throwing a raw egg to each other and then taking a step back every time they did this without breaking the egg .
      There was a record entry for this event and it was a lot of fun , was a big success and went on much longer than anticipated , it came down to the last 2 couples .
      The couple that won was so pleased that you’d have thought they’d won an Olympic medal .
      Good for them though and everyone who took part
      The final event was the 4X4 relay .
      “ For the first time ever , we’ve got a team entering this event that has a strategy ! “
      Yes , Some 16yr local teenagers were pumped up that they were going to win .
      This was a fun race but these lads were in a different league to the other contestants and they played the ace card with their strategy by having the sprinter of them on the last leg of this relay
      It was quite obvious to a former athlete like myself that this lad has got talent as he was way ahead of the others that he actually slowed down near to the finishing line .
      He and his chums were very pleased afterwards sitting next to me with their 1st place medals .
      Well done lads !
      So…… If you’ve not been to Minster summer Show. before , make a note of it for next year as it’s a lot of good fun .

  2. Peter you have changed your tune you were not so prudish when I was one of your models, you might have conveniently forgot but I never.!

    • I can’t remember a Ann (please remind me?! You can email me via my website if you wish), but I doubt very much that I got you to strip off in front of children on a carnival float.

    • Yes , it wasn’t so long he was inappropriately going “ Phwoar” about soon to be ex cabinet minister
      Nadine Dorries. And anything else that wore a skirt and that was a Tory politician
      Maybe he’s had to have a lie down as his PM 4 PM ran out of steam .
      Maybe he might now will want to get behind Liz Truss .
      On reflection …….he probably would like that ! Lol
      Ooh Missus No ! Shut yer face you ! Titter ye Not !
      Sorry I’ve come all over Frankie Howerd ,

        • I don’t invalidate a victims who report sexual assaults. I suggest if you wish to appear more credible, don’t post comments of a predatory and sexualised nature about women on here.

  3. I miss minster for these sorts of events. It’s not quite the same up here on the big cities of the west Midlands. But I am glad these traditions are continuing and hopefully they will forever more.

    • Samantha , I used to go as a kid in the 1960’s to the tulip festival in Cannon Hill Park ,Birmingham ,opposite Edgbaston Test Cricket ground , and remember it always was a lot of fun with the Dutch Edam cheese sellers in their national costume , plus the wonderful tulip displays and a terrific funfair better than anything near here nowadays .
      Do you know they still hold this festival ?

      • I didn’t know that was a thing….. My mother’s side of my family is Dutch so that would be amazing to find out. I will do some research see if I can find anything.

  4. Ann if you are reading this I hope you’ve been able to resolve the traumatic experience that happened to you. IOTN if you are reading this, is it possible to not publish posts that are derogatory towards women, or of a predatory sexual nature to not be posted? It makes uncomfortable reading.

  5. Peter, when I posed for you i think it was called the South Downs and Hatfield Road ( I think it’s called)
    You may be interested to know I went on to earn a very good part time income as a model working for Lyn who became my partner as she is today.

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