Pickled Margate brings Faith’s Terry Farley and Stuart Patterson to Dreamland

Pickled in Margate Image by Gold Photo

Pickled Margate welcomes ‘Faith’s Terry Farley and Stuart Patterson to Dreamland for a 3 hour set, joined on the night by Derrick Patterson and the Lunar Sol guys on July 30.

Terry Farley has produced some of house music’s most enduring cuts under various guises, including Roach Motel and Bocca Juniors, as well as with Pete Heller as Heller and Farley. A bastion of knowledge when it comes to acid and deep house, as well as dance culture, soul boy trends, and more besides, Terry is also much lauded for having launched house music fanzine (and label and party series) Boys Own with Andrew Weatherall, Cymon Eckel and Steve Mayes.

Stuart Patterson has been at the forefront of London’s cutting edge club scene for decades, while continuing to travel and play at the finest clubs across the UK and the globe. Through DJing, club programming and promoting, fanzines or mix compilations his profile has continually risen since the 90s.

Derrick Patterson, has been mixing since the 80s, first known on London Pirate radio station ‘D Faze1’ – Springboard for Fabio and Groove Rider, Mark Sinclair, Dave Angel and Booker T, to name but a few.

Lunar Sol, Kent based duo of Lee & Stevie have held residencies at Aaja, SE London, DJ sets at Retrofest, and every Friday can be found on Ibiza Underground Radio.

The event runs from 9pm-2am

Tickets £20 plus booking fee from https://ra.co/events/1513974


    • The article is probably reproduced from a press release issued by the promotor.

      It is a list of names we have never heard before (other perhaps than Booker T when he was with the MGs) and unlikely to ever hear again !

      They obviously think they are all influencers in the music world – but in reality it is all digitalised noise reproduced on their laptops with no musical acumen let alone anything resembling melody or harmony.

    • Dont worry ‘real world’ we will be able to read dreamlands fly posters around thanet about the event 😉

      Just like the big fly posters for simple red.

      It’s nice to know the 4 million dreamland has been given is being used to fly poster thanet.

      • Hello Mr Clean,

        My Name is Katie from Pickled (we live in Thanet) we have just started our business and our aim is just to create a space for people to dance to a genre of music.

        We do not want to cause any upset to our fellow community and I am concerned about your comment regarding the postering of our event. I was wondering if we could have a chat about how better we can do this next time. We have social media on 3 platforms and this does well. We were just simply trialing the posters with QR codes to see what was getting a better reaction?

        Please contact me on [email protected] and we will more than happily discuss this concern. My name is Katie!

        Plus will offer you two guest list tickets to come along and have a dance with us

        Thanks again for your comment and feedback!

        • Nothing to be concerned about if your posters were put up with permission.

          My gripe is dreamland seem to take our taxes than fly post the area with their up coming events. This means as well as getting 4 million from us tax payers, us taxes than have to pay to have said posters remove.

          This fly posting makes the area look more run down than it is !
          I think it’s wrong that a blind eye is turned to dreamland and the fly posting.

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