Police appeal for witnesses after teenage boy punched and kicked by group on Margate seafront

Police put another dispersal order in place for Margate main sands(Image Thanet Police)

Police are appealing for witnesses to an assault on a teenage boy on Margate seafront on Tuesday 19 July.

At around 5.10pm, an altercation took place between two groups of young people in Marine Terrace opposite Hall By The Sea Road.

During the incident, a 16-year-old boy was punched and fell to the ground, where he was kicked by a group of at least five people.

Officers attended and the boy was taken to a local hospital with head injuries. He has since been discharged.

To prevent any further disorder, a 48-hour dispersal order was put in place for the town’s seafront that evening, giving officers extra powers to move on anyone causing trouble in the area and arrest those who persist.

Officers from Margate Criminal Investigation Department are continuing to investigate the assault and are urging witnesses to come forward.

In particular, they would like to hear from anyone who may have mobile phone footage of the incident.

Anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/139101/22.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form on their website.

Dispersal order put in place at Margate seafront following yet more disturbances


  1. this place is just getting worse , god knows what visitors must think reading this ( thats if we get any ?)

  2. The Yob cliques rallying again!
    Is there no CCTV of this disgraceful attack?
    Five on to one? Bunch of cretinous cowards.

    • Yes – they are all very brave when they are in a gang – and even braver when it comes to kicking somebody when they are already injured and laying on the ground.

      They are allowed to run riot because everybody else is intimidated and fearful. It is very sad that we have created the situation that a train full of other passengers just sat there and allowed them to run riot – nobody was brave enough to do anything about it so effectively they are complicit.

  3. These young thugs from outside of Thanet could have been stopped by British Transport Police before they even got to Margate. I was on a train from London on this day where groups of young persons boarded at various stops through Medway. Their behaviour on the train was disgusting. They were smoking, vaping, jumping on tables and climbing into the luggage racks above people. Young families heard foul language and people felt threatened by these groups. Why didn’t the train staff alert police who could have removed them from the train. Train staff want pay rises and are striking, so do your job and alert Transport Police and stop this disgusting behaviour. CCTV must be available on the train – they should check footage on the 13:25 from St Pancras to Ramsgate from Tuesday 19th July.

  4. Andrew.. didnt realise you can text.

    Makes it easier than calling because as Anonymous said, why put yourself at risk!

    You know the scum are carrying knives and only hunt in packs because 1 on 1 they’re nothing but a waste of sperm!

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