‘Miraculous’ no-one injured as car crashes into front of The Red Lion pub in St Peter’s

Thankfully no-one was hurt in the crash (Image Leon Rouge)

Police, the fire service and council attended the scene yesterday (July 21) after a car crashed into the front area of  The Red Lion pub in St Peter’s.

The impact of the car caused damage to brickwork, fencing and outdoor furniture as well as to the supporting door lintel and another vehicle. A man has been arrested for dangerous driving.

Photo ‘Leon Rouge’

Pub landlords Paul and Melvin say it was lucky yesterday’s weather had cooled down or there would likely have been injuries to customers.

They added: “The building is secure. Much of the wrought iron fence and ornamental work created by Mark Metalwork has been destroyed as have the benches and tables. The door has gone and the brickwork on the corner of building at the door surround.

Photo ‘Leon Rouge’

“Ongoing is the work to repair the building and replace all the fencing and garden equipment. If the railings hadn’t slowed the car down considerably it would have ended up where the pool table is. Had it been the day before in the hot weather there would have been many people sitting outside and there would undoubtedly been at least one fatality.

“Thank goodness the weather had changed and miraculously there was no one outside at the time of the accident.”

Photo ‘Leon Rouge’

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 7.39pm to reports that the property had been struck by a vehicle.

“One fire engine attended along with the technical rescue unit. No-one was trapped but crews evacuated the premises and closed the road while they assessed the damage to the property. A building surveyor from Thanet council also attended.”

Duty of care was left with the council and Kent Police at 10.36pm.

Photo ‘Leon Rouge’

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report that a car had collided with a building in Vicarage Street, St Peters, near Broadstairs at 7.35pm.

“Officers attended along with Kent Fire and Rescue Service and a 37-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

“The road was closed while the incident was responded to and reopened at around 2am on Friday 22 July. No serious injuries were reported.”


  1. I see also there was a silver car too in the photos with a wheel hanging off ! Im guessing that was in the path of destruction too ! Very lucky there were no injuries .

  2. Really am fed up with these irresponsible businesses & homeowners building properties where these always sober, careful & conscientious drivers keep being made to crash into them.

      • True not only in thanet !

        But thanet must be top or very nearly top of the worst area for driving.

        The standard is awful and gets worst my the day.

        • I don’t think people shpuld assume that Thanet is the worst place for whatever it is they’re referring to.

          • Who not Marva ?

            The driving standards are pathetic in thanet. I see on a daily basis drivers turning turning right from the left hand lane. I saw a driver turn left from the right hand land the other day. Luckily she just missed the drive in the left hand lane, why the driver wasnt in the left filter lane I have no idea.
            I see people cutting corners every day. I see drivers driving in the over taking land on the thanet way and failing to move back into the left hand lane.
            I see speeding motorists daily.

            I drive in Manchester alot and the driving standard is miles better than thanet. More patient and relax unlike thanet where most dont give a dam about other people.

            I think some people in thanet need to get out and about and stop looking at thanet through rose tinted glasses.

  3. Shame the driver wasn’t seriously injured!!

    Time to start taking licences away for life not months!

    • Wherever I go, I am always going to look at things from a pedestrian’s point of view, as I do not have a car. And as such, it does not seem to me that Thanet drivers are noticeably different from those in other places I visit.

    • I used to live in a big city. Pedestrians were at risk on zebra and pelican crossings, never mind road junctions.
      After I moved here, I was waiting to cross Boundary Rd. A car stopped. I was confused. Why had the car stopped? There was no queue of traffic, no lights or crossing. Then I realized that the driver had just stopped, to let me cross the road!
      I’ve experienced similar things many, many times here in Ramsgate.

      • Me too Phyliss! Sometimes when I am waiting to cross Margate Road, on my Mobility scooter, cars will stop to let me cross. But doesn’t the road where the car crashed in St Peters, have speed bumps? I haven’t been there for years, but seem to remember having problems with the bumps when I was on my bike! So, how was the car speeding, or was it a drink/drugs accident?

  4. I see yobbish or careless driving every single day. Something must be done to suppress this. Its not fair on everyone else. These types are a danger & a menace.

  5. How on earth can that have happened there, with speed humps, zebra crossing, road junctions?
    Thank god there was no one sitting outside, or in the chip shop! Something must be done about traffic locally!

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