Members’ meeting told trouble-hit Global Generation Church in Thanet to shut down

Global Generation Church in Margate

Global Generation Church members have been told it is to shut its Thanet operation, including the Pipeline activities for youngsters, the annual Lark in the Park family event and the Hang 10 mobile activity scheme for youngsters.

Members of the church, based at Westwood Industrial Estate, were told of the decision in a meeting yesterday (July 21). It will close down wat the end of this month. Glo Gen staff are facing redundancy.

The church and its activities have been running in Thanet for more than two decades.

But it has emerged that a member of the eldership at Glo has stepped down and the church is dealing with financial issues.

This comes on the heels of an investigation launched last year over complaints made against Thanet’s Global Generation Church founders and former leaders Mike and Stella Andrea.

A  total of 36 individuals contacted an independent investigator raising concerns about some of their experiences of Glo Gen.

The independent investigation, carried out by employment law and HR specialists Loch Associates, was prompted after an initial complaint from a former member. Her allegations consisted of claims of coercion, unethical employment practices, gaining control with ‘love bombing’ through gifts and trips, verbal aggression, inappropriate comments and an alleged ‘exorcism’ incident. The claims related to Mike Andrea and wife Stella.

Following the investigation, the couple stepped down from their roles within the church with Mike resigning on February 22 and Stella leaving on March 16.

Investigators made a number of recommendations. These included reviews of policies to make sure there is a clear process for making complaints, reviewing cultural practices and boundaries; reviewing financial procedures; reviewing and providing training on data protection; regular mandatory training for all staff for discrimination issues; ensuring up to date work contracts and proper support for staff’ regular safeguarding training in relation to both children and vulnerable adults’ training to look out for staff who may be struggling with physical or mental health issues and also ensuring proper health and safety training.

However, the latest issues appear to be the death knell for the church in Thanet.

Mike Andreas

Glo Gen was founded by Mike Andrea when he began with The Pipeline Youth Initiative some 25 years ago.

The church was originally based in Newington Junior School before moving to King’s Church in the town and, in 2009, to its current site at Westwood.

The church projects included a clothes bank, Aspirations educational programme, health services, help for those who are homeless, community pastors, healing rooms and the 10-day Lark in the Park every Summer at Government Acre providing free activities for people of all ages.

‘Deepest sadness’

A statement from the Elders and Trustee of Glo Gen says: “It is with the deepest sadness that we wish to inform you that Global Generation Church will be closing on 31st July, 2022.

“Over the past two decades it has seen its members dedicate their time and passion to the people of Thanet and beyond. Out of the heart of Glo came projects such as Lark in the Park Ramsgate, Pipeline youth initiative and Hang 10 which wanted to bring hope, joy and help to the community of Thanet.

“This decision has by no means been taken lightly but comes after a very long and difficult season. Regrettably, it is now clear that it is impossible for Global Generation Church to continue to exist. This is due to many reasons; some of which are financial but more than this we have a deep conviction that we need to let the structures of Glo come to end.

“We would like to thank all who have partnered with Global Generation Church over the years and had a part to play in so much good. We thank the staff who have been so gracious and committed to serve the area and to all the many volunteers who have served over the years committed to making a difference in Thanet.

“Our love for all our members is deep and we want to bless them in their onward journeys. We continue to believe there is good to come in Thanet and we thank God for his faithfulness and love that never ceases. We remember that the church is never a building but the people within.”


    • I’ve read the article and there’s nothing there other than the whinning of an ingrate. A spiritual Judas It happens in every spiritual family. Somebody gets disgruntled and starts talking out of the left side of their mouth in order to give the family a bad name. This Judas will do the same at her next church.

  1. Don’t forget, folks! This church has registered charitable status and, as such, received VAST sums of taxpayers money from Thanet District Council. TDC had been warned, formally, on countless occassions about Global Generation Church… Warned about misconduct of staff, warned about coercive, manipulative and frankly terrifying behaviour. TDC had also been warned against giving them money, for the very reasons now being investigated. But, as usual, TDC did nothing. They continued to fund this organisation to provide “help and support” for Thanet’s most vulnerable and impressionable residents.

    • Just like they were happy for tenants to have gasoline poured on them & their teeth knocked out, have their properties smashed, carpet pulled up, toilets vandalised etc for over a decade by a bunch of criminal landlords & lettings agents.

      Does make you wonder what might come out about these modern art & minority interest projects getting never ending TDC/KCC/Arts Council funding over the last decade or so in the years to come.

    • Billions do. Always wondered why the Pastafarianism & Scientology are laughed at & not considered religions-when there is just much evidence for the FSM or Hubbard’s ludicrous claims as there is for the existence of any supreme being-zero.

      Why can people go & pray to their imaginary sky beings in a special room at work-on full pay several times per day, while atheists/agnostics & believers of other silliness can’t?

  2. Money and sex and power are the roots of all evil and so it is here.
    TDC are not the only ones who have doled out cash, but as always TDC have been particularly bone headed, because they would rather work with a frankly weird sect, rather than more accountable organisations, who won’t kowtow to TDC’s gaslighting behaviour.
    Not everything that Glos Gen did was bad, they did much that was good, but they became arrogant and thought that not only that they had a direct line to God, but to those whom Homer appointed as her minions, and for a time they were right.

  3. Don’t let the faults of a few tarnish the good that they have done. Yes there have been flaws, yes there have been some sustained allegations but not all at Glo gen were involved in these and not all that Glo gen did was bad. This organisation has given to the community for years, members have given their time freely to help those who need it and to help run activities for the community over the summer and places for children to go so they’re not just hanging around in an area where there’s not a lot of provision for young people. They’ve helped drunken people get home safely from nights out, helped feed & clothe homeless and tried to help build a sense of community that is distinctly lacking. Don’t let the negative actions of a few overshadow the positive actions of the majority.

    • Rotten to the core. Misguided and gaslighted REAL believers hoodwinked by arrogant foolish ego maniacs. I have personal experience of their inadequacies

      • Hope you’ve recovered 😂
        The Messiah instructs us to wait on him for the baptism of the holy spirit ….not hang around church venues trying to become best mates with pastors 😁

    • Yes Glo Gen have done good work in our community. Most of the members are caring sincere people with a big heart.

  4. It makes me sad that it’s come to this, the organisation has done a lot to support people in Thanet for a long time. There may have been serious problems at the top but the events and support given to Thanet over the years has been a lifeline for many. I for one am sorry to see this organisation give up on Thanet. Lark in the park especially, it was a good event

    • This is what happens when you have disgruntled people within an organization. They don’t stop until they utterly destroy the organization.

  5. Steve…what have BLM and their hair got to do with the white chavs such as urself that run the council…shut ur dirty arrogant mouth

  6. What a paradox! Here we have a Christian Church (group of people) who have over many years demonstrated genuine love & care to the people of Thanet & beyond. People who have touched many lives with a message of hope in Christ. However,the failings of a few, & a vulnerable man-made stucture has fallen short…alas! And it’s right & proper that those issues are properly addressed.Let’s not be quick to condemn or judge – we too are fallible. But we look to the Lord who is The Great Shepherd of our faith. Just as a tree is pruned (sometimes severly) it will grow back stronger one way or another.

    • Sounds like it was their choice to throw in the towel rather than weather the storm like true disciples of the Messiah 🙏🏼.

      • Well Mrs Enoch, I suspect there is far more to it than that; and the story is unlikely to end here.There are many many committed Christians at Glo Gen who will continue to be committed Christians communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And every one of them will be ‘weathering the storm’…. with their faith firmly on the one in whom they trust.

        • My comment refered to the leaders who bottled it and ran for cover after they became the subject of accusations. Nothing to do with the bench-warming members whose oxes never got gored in this matter.

    • Hope those two ( the pastor and his wife) have learnt their lesson. This is what happens when you bring another family’s ill-bred brat under your care and under your roof. Once they become disgruntled, they turn nasty and bring the house down.

      • You obviously know those involved but clearly don’t or you would not say such rubbish. Your pathetic comments do not help the reputation of the Andreas nor do they stick to the complainant as your way off the truth. You need to shove your bitterness elsewhere. Maybe get some counselling for your dissatisfaction with life.

        • The article isn’t about me and the editor didn’t open the comment section so you could talk about me. Please focus your attention on the article and share your thoughts on the article.

        • Oh….and I stand by the views I’ve posted here. They are my views. They carry as much or as little weight as any other views expressed here. Don’t trust yourself at me just cos you’re not intelligent enough or articulate enough to share your own views about the article.

  7. Interestingly Mike Andrea got an MBE for his work at Glo.
    He should publicly return it as an apology for his failings and the distruction he and his wife Stella left in there wake. Give it back Mr Andrea!

    • And you thought you’d go and comment calmly under a different account after your unhinged personal attack on me ?
      You’re not terribly clever are you dumb troll

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