Dreamland Heritage Trust launches new exhibition with work from college students

Dreamland heritage Photo from Dreamland Revived by Nick Evans

The Dreamland Heritage Trust is launching its first post-lockdown exhibition.

Dreamsenses launches tomorrow (July 22) at Dreamland Margate and is a sensory exploration of 100 years of Dreamland and the Scenic Railway. The exhibition is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

It features artwork from the creative industries students from the Canterbury School of Visual Arts at Canterbury College and EKC Broadstairs, who have been working in collaboration with the Dreamland Heritage Trust to create designs based on the history and heritage of the park.

Photo Danny Witcher

Join the Dreamland Heritage Trust for the launch day event between 11am and 6pm for a host of opening day activities, including history talks and children’s competitions. The Trust has also teamed up with the Margate ‘Cookie Man’ who has designed a special edition ‘Dreamland’ cookie and visitors will get a chance to meet him and sample the cookies on the day.

Lucy Jones, Chair of The Dreamland Heritage Trust said: “We are really pleased to be launching our fantastic summer exhibition DreamSenses and it is great that this year’s exhibition will be taking place within the new exhibition space at Dreamland, enabling the Dreamland Heritage Trust to have a visible presence within the park.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to our exhibition and truly hope as many people as possible will join us in sharing their memories and reliving the past of Dreamland’s heyday.”

Photo Danny Witcher

The DreamSenses summer exhibition is in the main entrance concourse at Dreamland and will be open until Sunday 4 September and is open during the parks opening hours. Entry to the exhibition is free.


  1. Don’t see Dreamland returning to what it was,no heritage left it’s just music festivals. Like the rest of Thanet run into the ground and sold off

    • I agree – all the Dreamland heritage is in photos and memories – certainly nothing of the original remains . . . even the scenic railway is a merely a replica . . .

  2. great, may give it a visit! Great heritage photo above.

    Yes dreamland is just land which is a dream for developers.Arlington, well its bin nice to have you.

    Dreamland cant complete with mr PY Gerbeau

  3. And after Dreamsenses, perhaps a show called Dreamtruth.

    You’ll gasp as you see how many millions it was given in grants; you’ll shudder as you see it call in the administrators; you’ll wonder where the rides have gone; you’ll be amazed at how the council gave it away for a pittance; you’ll ponder who’s now in control… and you’ll weep as you watch its evolution from iconic family amusement park to concert venue.

  4. Will dreamland be putting up fly posters all over our derelict shops as usual to advertise the event ?

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