Photos: Battles for Victory 2022 at Quex Park

Battles for Victory Photo Roberto Fabiani

Photos by Roberto Fabiani

There is still a chance to take a step back in time with the Battles for Victory military themed show at Quex Park today (July 17).

The two day event began yesterday and is also open until 5pm today.

Photo Roberto Fabiani

The living history event features military and vintage vehicles, re-enactments and re-enactors campsite, arena events, a large variety of vintage stalls, a real ale bar, NAAFI wagon, BBQ and refreshment stalls to choose from.

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There is also live music.

Pay at the door £10.


  1. Not been to this year’s event, went a few years ago ,and amazed how many people want to dress up as ss storm troopers or Nazi soldier’s, I asked some why and general reply was British troops boring, rather dress up as American gi,s before british,but preferred the ss or nazi,a shame really

  2. it all looks a bit sinister to me , do you think some of them failed the interview to become a traffic warden ?

    • Not really they just enjoy what they do, and are being creative something you apparently have a lack of.

  3. They are just a bunch of sad exhibitionists, with too much time on their hands! Most probably none of them have ever done a day in the armed forces, which is why I never go near these people, who really should get a life! Oh, Peter there’s still time if you want to dress up as an Indian, why don’t you?

    • Everyone to their own at the end of the day, at least they enjoy what they do and with a passion , something else you seem to have a lack of. What harm are they doing to you,what’s your favourite pass time something really exciting like train spotting, or flower pressing.

    • If you took the trouble to talk to any of them you’d find they are passionate about the part of history and memories they are keeping alive, and are very far from a ‘bunch of sad exhibitionists’. I portray a ‘tunnel rat’ from the Vietnam War era and have spent many thousands of pounds, and research hours, to show the public what happened at that particular time, as do all the other Living History enthusiasts.

  4. As an ex serviceman ,personally I find it sad ,that people want to dress up and act ,like SS,stormtrooper,and Nazis,it says a lot about them ,as I said sad

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