Chilton pupils brave skywalk as part of sports centre challenges

'Skywalk' challenge

Working together and supporting each other to face up to challenges is a key part of children’s lives at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate.

Year 4 children had the chance to reinforce their teamwork when they enjoyed a trip to the Folkestone sports centre which is host to a range of different activities.

The Chilton crew were keen to try a range of challenges and encouraged each other to become involved and tackles some of the challenges. These included braving the heights of the skywalk, using their skills to navigate the foot-golf course, sliding down the ski slope in snow rings, and testing their code cracking abilities as part of the orienteering session.

All the children involved voted it a great experience that encouraged them to work together. Mia said: “I had a great day – we were so busy and all of the activities were such fun,” while Ben spoke for many of the group when he said: “I felt really brave going on the highest level of the skywalk. It was quite a challenge but we enjoyed it loads.”

Head of School Kate Law praised the children’s efforts. She said: “Some of the challenges were quite daunting but our girls and boys pulled together and achieved outcomes they were quite uncertain about at first. It really underlined the benefit of teambuilding sessions like this.

“They had an amazing time and demonstrated lots of courage, resilience and group support – they behaved beautifully and were perfect ambassadors for Chilton Primary. We are proud of them.”