Open Day to be held at new Manston Business Park veterinary hospital

Nikolaos and Emilia Dafermos have opened Dafne Veterinary Hospital

An open day will be held this month at Thanet’s newest veterinary practice.

Dafne Veterinary Hospital opened at Manston Business Park at the end of June and will now be inviting people to come and see the premises on July 23.

The practice is run by husband and wife team Emilia and Nikolaos Dafermos, who previously worked at Eagle Vets.

The couple, who live in Westgate, say running their own practice has always been their dream.

Emilia, 32, said: “We have been working in the Thanet area as vets for more than five years and we have always dreamed about having our own veterinary practice.

“We found the perfect place to develop- with plenty of space to create our independent and family-run veterinary hospital and also provide emergency care to our patients 24/7.“


Nikos, 30, has a strong interest and is skilled in orthopaedic surgeries. Emilia specialises in soft tissue surgeries and diagnostic imaging.

She added: “Our aim is to build a friendly and skilled team that is able to provide top quality care for our furry patients and to have unique and personal contact with their owners.”

The open day on July 23 runs from 2pm-4pm.

Emilia said: “The doors to the clinical part of our hospital will be open for everyone wanting to see our premises. We will be there to answer all questions. We will also have some attractions and contests with prizes to win. Pets are welcome!”

Dafne Veterinary Hospital is at 4/5 Invicta Way, Manston Business Park, Ramsgate, CT125FD

Call 01843 260278

Or find them on facebook here


  1. Emilia treated my elderly cat and gave excellent advice, referring me to specialist dental services, neither of which cost a fortune. Thank you, Emilia.

  2. Good luck to you we always need good caring vets and a independent vet is always good being a loyal customer of over 15 years at Plunket it’s does however put in mind all the animal’s testing at Pzers Lab

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