International Baccalaureate Diploma successes at Dane Court

Cesar, Sammi and Oscar achieved an amazing 39, 40 & 41 points respectively for entry to Kings College London and Imperial College London

Dane Court Grammar School students are celebrating a successful round of International Baccalaureate results.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, which is a rigorous post-16 academic qualification, requires students to study a balanced range of six subjects, three at higher level.

The programme also includes a ‘core’ programme consisting of a 4,000 word research project and 150 hours of creativity, activity and service. The International Baccalaureate Diploma is graded out of 45 points, with a grade 7 being the highest in each of the 6 subjects and a further 3 points on offer for the successful completion of the ‘core’.

Dane Court students this year have achieved an impressive average points score of 35 which exceeds the global average and is equivalent to A*A*A.

Top performing Diploma students at Dane Court this year include:

Sammi Takaloo (41 points including 7’s in HL Physics, HL Chemistry, SL English and SL Philosophy) who goes on to study Physics at Imperial

Elizabeth Lee (41 points including 7’s in HL Psychology, SL English, SL Maths and Spanish ab initio) who goes on to study Nursing at Leeds

Anna Szczesna (41 points including 7’s in HL Anthropology, HL Spanish and SL English) who goes on to study Government and Policy at the University of Edinburgh

Erin White (40 points including 7’s in HL Chemistry and SL English) who goes on to study Chemistry at St Andrew’s.

Erin has her place at St Andrew’s confirmed whilst Niala secures her ambition of studying Biomedical science.

Headteacher Martin Jones said: “Congratulations to all of our Year 13 students. These outstanding outcomes are the result of an enormous amount of hard work and determination. All of our IBDP students have achieved the full diploma, with an average points score of 35 points across the year group.

“This impressive level of achievement will enable the students to progress to some exciting destinations in the new academic year. We are delighted that the vast majority of our students have already secured their first choice university or employment-focused offer and they can look forward to an exciting future.

Chris, Millie, Josh & Beth all achieved their IB Careers qualifications in Computing, Business & Finance, Sports Science and Health & Social Care respectively to secure places at Southampton, Kent and Christ Church Universities plus an apprenticeship with Kent Police.

“In addition, 100% of our IBCP students have secured the full award. Although the students must wait until August for their vocational results, success in their IB subjects has given them the very best chance to progress onto their chosen destination.

“On behalf of the students, I’d like to thank their brilliant teachers, the Sixth Form Office and the support team here at Dane Court. We’re all very proud of the students’ achievements.”

Chris Pleasant, Head of Sixth Form, highlighted the “wonderful efforts all students had made in overcoming the significant disruption they faced due to COVID and subsequent lockdowns.”

He added: “For our students to achieve an average of 35 points is an incredible achievement and is testament to the hard work both they and their teachers have put into the courses.

“ It has been a pleasure to guide the students through a turbulent couple of years in the sixth form and I am incredibly proud of the excellent results and wonderful destinations the students have obtained.”

Zara and Lewis both secured places at Bristol University to study English and Theatre

The IB Careers Related Programme (CP) requires students to complete a vocational course as well as a range of complimentary Diploma subjects. In addition, students complete a reflective research project, service learning, language development course and professional skills sessions. Vocational results will be released in August to complete the qualification and to confirm the university, apprenticeship and employment offers students currently hold.

IB subject results of particular note amongst CP students, who will receive their vocational diploma results in August, include:

Christopher (HL Maths 7, HL Physics 7, Japanese Ab Initio 6, Reflective Project A)

Evie (HL Psychology 6, HL Biology 6, SL Philosophy 7, Reflective Project A)

Phoenix (HL Psychology 7, HL Social Cultural Anthropology 6, Reflective Project A)

Connor (HL Film 7, HL Biology 5, Japanese Ab Initio 5, Reflective Project A)

Both Mahdi and Kirsten celebrating achieving 40 points in their IB Diplomas (equivalent to A*A*A*A*)

Melissa Linton, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, said: “In our 10th year of offering the CP, the programme has, once again, shown the versatility of its offer and the opportunities that it affords students.

“In 2020 we introduced more higher level subjects for IBCP students, today students have been rewarded for their hard work with 32% of the cohort achieving 6 or 7s in higher level subjects; Physics, Mathematics, English Literature, Geography, Film and Spanish.

“In addition 40% of the cohort achieved an A or B grade in their Reflective Project; a core component that requires the students to study an ethical dilemma in their vocational subject, that concurrently develops their commercial awareness and critical thinking.”

IBCP students have to wait until August 18 to receive their vocational results and university offers.

Students interested in joining the school’s sixth form in September should contact the school 01843 864941 or email head of sixth form, Chris Pleasant ([email protected])

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