Team on site of large waterpipe burst in Ramsgate

A number of properties are without water Photo Elaine Hands

A team from Southern Water are on site in Ramsgate following a large waterpipe burst today (July 8).

The Southern Water website shows the burst as reported just after 8am . However, several people had reported the issue during the early hours of this morning after seeing a “river” of water flowing in Newington Road  and Whitehall Road.

A number of properties are currently without water.

Southern Water say: “We have a team on site repairing the burst. Once your water supply has returned, you may notice some discolouration or low pressure at first; this is completely normal when there’s been a disruption to the supply and is only temporary.”

A Southern Water spokesperson added: “We are sorry that a burst water main on Newington Road, Ramsgate is causing disruption.

“Up to sixty homes in Newington Road and Fairlight Avenue may see low pressure or loss of water. While we work to complete the repair and restore supply quickly, bottled water is available at the Newington Road site.”


  1. Got to say a lot of water pipes are old
    Got to admit when it rains our roads flood like niagra falls

  2. Lets hope they do a better repair than the one one the B2190 in Manston. That one is now a signigicant depression in the road. If i had 2 wheels it would have me off.

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