Call for films of LGBTQIA+ life in Margate for Our Screen Heritage project

Our Screen Heritage project Image Screen Archive South East at the University of Brighton

Margate Pride, in partnership with Screen Archive South East (SASE), and Queer Heritage South, has launched a public call for films that capture LGBTQIA+ life in and around Margate.

The group is asking members of the public, artists, community groups and organisations to be part of discovering and preserving the region’s queer screen heritage by submitting their films.

Footage already submitted has varied from community centre openings to performances from local artists to group trips and events.

With Margate Pride happening on August 13 the group is asking people to film the events and their experiences so that these moments are preserved for future generations.

Image Screen Archive South East at the University of Brighton

This new footage, alongside the current archive collection, will be curated by a team of volunteers in Margate, who are making a new film celebrating Margate’s LGBTQIA+ heritage. The finished film will be free to view this Autumn, alongside installations and a public screening event.

Ellie Turner-Kilburn, Our Screen Heritage Project Coordinator, said:  “We hope with contributions from members of the public that this film search will build a film collection which tells the many stories of our LGBTQIA+ communities. It will form a vital part of creating a record of queer lives and histories in the region, which have historically been left out of archive collections.”

The search for films is part of Our Screen Heritage, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Films submitted to the open call will be preserved by SASE as part of the archive. They will be made available for free community use both now and in the future, addressing a lack of queer representation in the archive.

More information on the public call and the simple steps to submit your films can be found here:


  1. As someone who has overtly promoted all Human Rights and Diversity for d Cade’s, I do find the word “Communities” problematic. The “Comm” and the “s” are oxymoronic. We are either all in this together and proportionately or, we are not.

  2. its not that long ago that all this malarkey was illegal , how times change and not always for the better

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