Police called after Hartsdown student fires BB gun at another pupil

Hartsdown Academy, Margate

Police were called to Hartsdown Academy in Margate yesterday (July 4) after a pupil reportedly shot another student with a BB gun.

Officers were called to the school at around 11.30am. The incident did not result in any serious injuries.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at around 11.30am on Monday 4 July to a report that a child had fired a BB gun at another child of a similar age at Hartsdown Academy in Margate.

“Enquiries into the incident are ongoing and officers have liaised with the school and the victim’s family to ensure safeguarding arrangements are in place.”

Hartsdown head teacher Matt Tate said the incident has been dealt with ‘robustly.’

He said: “A student brought in a toy gun and shot a pellet at another student during a break time. No injuries were caused and this has been dealt with robustly using our behaviour systems.”

Hartsdown Academy celebrates as Ofsted inspection results in Good grading across all areas


  1. Kids are hearing constantly in the media about school shootings in America, for some kids want to imitate, this is a prime example of how careful the media has to be in reporting news like this so it doesn’t make a huge impression on young minds.

  2. Police were called to Hartsdown Academy in Margate yesterday (July 4) after a pupil reportedly shot another student with a BB gun.

    Only one pupil ? perhaps he was being bullied and had had enough.

  3. When I was in secondary school in the 90’s, in science class, the boy next to me pulled out bb gun, aimed it at a boy 2 benches down, and with a grin on his face pulled the trigger. The ball bearing or whatever it was hit him around the eyebrow. Could have blinded him.

    It wasn’t done for revenge or in malice, the boy was just a complete fool and thought it was fun, which in a way makes it even worse.

    He then gave me the gun! So I put it in a display cupboard around 10ft away. When questioned I told the head everything and I never saw the boy again. Not thought about this for years and years, still cant believe it happened. I think it disturbs me more now than it did at the time.

  4. re marva – i live in thanet , and all i did was make a legitimate comment on what a crime ridden place this is. if you doubt that take your rose tinted spectacles off and read the daily news , and wake up to what is really going on here ?

  5. As a member of this school I can confirm that in my years of going here this is the first time something like this has happened. It isnt a repetitive situation, dont treat it like it is.

  6. I hope they get kicked out of the school mine got kicked out of there just because a teacher didn’t get on with him

  7. Almost comical the way the language has been used to make the incident seem as trivial as possible.

    “Fires gun at” rather than shot
    “Toy gun” rather than weapon that terrified others present
    “Did not result in any serious injury” rather than potentially extremely dangerous incident.

    Had the pupil walked into a shop and fired at the shopkeeper would similar language have been used?

    Not so long ago that someone with a suspected weapon resulted in an armed response. Were the police in attendance at this incident armed?

      • It would pretty much be the standard response these days, any report involving a suspected firearm of any type would elicit an armed response, the idea being that the general public wouldn’t know how lethal the toy/imitation/antique maybe.

  8. The school called the police, just as they should have done. Believe me, many a school would have done everything possible to cover this up. Acts of violence and intimidation take place day in, day out in many schools, some of which have an excellent reputation due to their ability to lift carpet and shove things under it when it suits them.

    Hartsdown Academy has come a very long way. You can see just how happy and safe students feel when they leave at the end of the day – kindly, friendly staff keep a watchful eye, the students look contented, they stream away from the building just about as calmly as kids can.

  9. my understanding is that the police treat any potential firearm as a real weapon , so who other than a police officer decides its a ” only a bb gun ” ? also i would imagine if it hit you in the eyeball it could quite easily penetrate your head ? now sugar coat that

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