Fly-tipped waste and rubbish at Mocketts Wood to be cleared by Thanet council

The fly-tipped sink in Mocketts Wood

Dumped rubbish, empty drinks bottles and a discarded sink will be cleared from Mocketts Wood by Thanet council.

A shocked passer-by flagged up the fly-tipped waste after walking through the woodland and seeing the mess.

She said the “lovely breathing space” where she goes to listen to the birds was full of rubbish, but she struggled to report it to the council.

The dumped waste at Mocketts Wood

However, TDC is now aware and has checked the site and referred it to its Waste and Recycling Team for clearance.

A council spokesman said: “Our Street Scene Enforcement Team deals with over 5,000 complaints of dumped rubbish and fly-tipping a year, and conducts daily patrols of known hot spot areas.

“There is CCTV in key locations across the district which supports the work our team does to investigate these crimes.

“In addition, we use signs, leaflets and social media to remind residents and local businesses that fly-tipping is illegal and can lead to a £400 fixed penalty notice or a criminal prosecution.

The dumped waste at Mocketts Wood

“Members of the public must use registered waste carriers to dispose of their household waste as they can be liable for fines or prosecution if it ends up being fly-tipped.”

The council has recently implemented a system for residents to report fly tipping incidents via an online form, with the facility to view updates on the status of their complaints.


  1. its obviously back fired on tdc with all the different charges for items when you go to the official tip , people wont pay , they just fly tip them , i think we are already robbed blind with our rates payments

  2. Just instantly fine name and shame them. There more than happy to fine for dropping cigarette butt so why can’t they be more active to get these scum

    • Because enforcement officers have to be able to prove that someone’s fly tipped. It’s one thing to come across a pile of rubble down a country lane. It’s another to find out who did it.
      Dropping cigarette ends on the floor is littering. If someone is so stupid as to do it in front of an enforcement officer, then they deserve what they get.

      • Phyllis they do this when no one is looking! Usually at night time.
        CCTV cameras will be a useful tool and I’m sure the council can afford a few.
        What next are we going to find??? A dead animal? A person’s body??
        Let’s get the big picture!

  3. According to the council spokesperson they have 5,000 complaints???
    Really? Doesn’t that tell you something???
    Get off your asses and send more workers not just to keep our beaches clean for the tourists but also to parks, ally ways, footpaths.
    Get real TDC and stop inventing excuses, it’s your job and that’s why is called being a “Civil Servant “ you supposed to serve the “COMMUNITY ”.
    Allow residents to sent photos/videos so you can see what’s going on!!
    Don’t ignore this issue and stop blaming someone else because you’re not reliable on your work performance.

    • Mark if everyone can take photos of their areas and have them published then something can be done to bring awareness, we have phones that can this .
      Get clicking!

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