Priory Infant School transformed by pupils into a ‘global orchard’

Global art orchard at Priory Infant School

Yesterday (June 24) Priory Infant School in Ramsgate transformed into a spectacularly colourful forest during a ‘Global Orchard’ themed art week.

With the help of artists the youngsters created a fantastic collage of trees and other pieces on the school buildings and enjoyed sessions of drama, dance and storytelling.

Art Leader Janie Grout explained: “At Priory we are very proud to be an Art-Building school. We work with award-winning Animate Arts to make exciting and high-quality participatory art projects that children of all ages and abilities can access.

“This week we’ve been lucky enough to work with Street Artist Squirl, to make art directly onto the school building and classroom windows; and collage artist Sarah Buckett, to produce the most beautiful forest of collaged trees. We included movement and dance as well as drama and creative storytelling into our week too.

“We know that our children love creative learning through art: it really grabs their interest and enriches their learning. It’s been amazing to teach all our core subjects –maths, English and science – through the visual arts and the children (and teachers) have all loved it!”

Jo from Animate Arts added: “As a Kent-based company, we are lucky to be in ‘The Garden of England’, surrounded by orchards. But trees grow all over the globe, and they are amazing – they release oxygen, reduce CO2, provide us with food… and so much more!

“Continuing the vital focus on wellbeing, we are looking at trees to inspire us as we continue our re-growth and renewal after a challenging few years. Global Orchard is all about bringing together Art Builders schools across the UK and the world – to create and grow together.”

Ella, mum to Quinn in Reception Class, said: “We really enjoyed walking around the playgrounds, looking at the whole schools’ art; so colourful and bright. The window art was my favourite.”

Quinn, 5, said: “I loved making different trees and the fruit for the hungry Caterpillar!”

Head teacher, Tracey Sandy summed it all up, saying: “Wow, just Wow! There was such a buzz of excitement around school and the children were so proud and excited to show their parents what they had created.”

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  1. Looks a lot better than the ‘Lived Experience’ black hair joke display & didn’t need funding.

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