FreeWheelin FEASTival to take place at Government Acre in Ramsgate

Freewheelin Feastival

The Ramsgate FreeWheelin FEASTival is set to take place on Government Acre, Ramsgate for the first time from Friday, July 1 to Sunday, July 3.

Hosted by Zoom Events, the FEASTival will be free to enter and will feature street foods, bars, alfresco dining, live music, children’s entertainment and a host of artisan groceries, arts and crafts.

As the events industry bounces back following the pandemic, a huge choice of foodie treats is planned with local businesses from Kent, and others from further afield, bringing a selection of handmade items to choose from.

Street foods will include Greek souvlaki, crepes, Caribbean cuisine, Japanese dishes and traditional Mexican. Visitors can enjoy a drink from the Famous Last Stand bars of distinction whilst listening to a programme of live music throughout the weekend. Performances will be from bands Rhythm Shack, Phat Gandalf, Harripaul and The Bohemianauts as well as several talented solo artists.

Groceries such as fine cheeses, continental deli foods, biltong, seasonal fruits, cakes, brownies, chutneys, sweets and Turkish delight will also be available.

An arts and crafts section will feature interesting homewares and gift ideas.

Paul Kennedy, Director of Zoom Events, said: “We are excited to be hosting the first Ramsgate FreeWheelin FEASTival in the heart of summer. We have a really strong line up of stalls and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.”

Ramsgate FreeWheelin FEASTival is free to enter and will be open on Friday 1st July 11am – 9pm, Saturday 2nd July 9am – 9pm and Sunday 3rd July 10am – 6pm.

For further information about Ramsgate FreeWheelin FEASTival visit


    • That is rubbish, Is Ramsgate being shelled? are peoples homes being destroyed? This is a positive event good for Ramsgate.

    • Andrew Mace, that’s an appallingly insensitive thing to say. Did you think you were being amusing?

    • I think you should go and live in Ukraine you brainless individual, Families have lost their homes and everything they own and you compare that to house being damaged, probably by another brainless Thanet tw-t driving like an idiot.

  1. “following the pandemic” … just be aware that the pandemic is not over. Infections are on the increase, especially at crowded events.
    Ok, the omicron strain is not so lethal as delta, but it is still debilitating, and it still causes long covid in too many people.
    I’ll most likely come to the event, but I’ll keep my distance, and I’ll wear a face mask if it gets too crowded.

    • And unless it is an N95 it will not make a blind bit of difference & once again a mask will stop you spreading it, not the other way round. Most have stopped being scared of a cold virus after two years once the reality kicked in-it kills mostly old people with compromised immune systems-average death age nearly 83 & currently the majority in hospital with it are 85 or older-you know the ones who keep getting jabs to stop them going into hospital with it.

      Besides if it isn’t Covid it is Monkeypox, Bird Flu & now Polio. I wonder what the next totally out of proportion mass panic will be?

      • It’s not necessarily a question of being scared. It’s a question of not being able to go on holiday, visit my grandchildren or attend an appointment because I come down with some crap respiratory virus that floors me for a few days.
        Interesting to note that illness to a whole host of infectious diseases dropped during the pandemic, because people were having a bit of common sense.
        Indeed you should wear an N95 (or FFP2) mask on crowded transport etc, and it will make a considerable difference to you (if someone else is infected) or to others (if you are infected).
        Perhaps, with your cavalier approach to public health and indifference to the welfare of your fellow man, you’d publish your daily itinerary, so we know where to steer clear of?

      • Where I live (Birchington) there are pensioners who wear masks in empty streets… and then take them off in crowded cafes and restaurants!

        I long stopped caring about Covid, and may well have had it again recently – or was it hayfever, a cold, or an allergy. Whatever, I still went out.

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