Parade and Drumhead service in Ramsgate for Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day Photo Chris Constantine

Ramsgate Town will host a parade with the local Armed Forces, ex service organisations and Cadet forces on Saturday (June 25) for Armed Forces Day.

The parade and drumhead service at the harbour will be held from 10am until noon -leaving the Sailor’s Church at 10.40am and marching towards Wetherspoons for a Drumhead service, prayers and hymns at approximately 11am.. It will be led by a marching band and will march around the harbour where members of the public can stand and show their support.

The procession will fall in at the end of Harbour Parade in front of Ramsgate main sands where a Drumhead service, prayers and hymns will take place.

Afterwards participants march off, past VIPs outside Custom House where the salute will take place. The march will then travel along Harbour Parade and halt and dismiss.

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  1. Nice to see serving and ex service personnel ,getting recognition ,for Armed Services Day,but as an ex service man ,when the PM David Cameron,said he wants a contract with service personnel,I winced,as he was getting rid of ,thousands,some sacked weeks before qualifying for a pension,so they missed out on a pension ,never trust a politician,when they want an organisations ,backing ,because they will always stab you in the back, always have always will what ever their colour

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