Newington Primary fun week exploring career ideas

A special Newington Winners celebration assembly completed the careers week

The future’s bright for children at Newington Community Primary in Ramsgate who have delved into life beyond school with a dedicated week highlighting a range of careers and a world of opportunities.

Called Newington Futures, the creative programme of activities and 30 different courses devised by teachers and support staff gave girls and boys plenty of options to see what suited them.

These ranged from architecture, archaeology and games design to being a chef, special effects make-up, recording a video/radio programme and theatre design.

Teacher James Bennett is PSHE lead (personal, social, health and economic education) and co-ordinated the important programme. He said: “There was a real buzz of excitement around the school as children prepared for their courses and then shared their daily experiences.

“Throughout the term the whole school has been talking about ‘versatility’ and the importance of trying new experiences and embracing change. This week embodied that spirit and the children were really engaged trying out new skills, finding out about what their choice of job entailed, the pathway to it and tasks they may undertake in the profession.

“It perfectly highlighted the importance of key life skills.”

To back up the careers courses, children enjoyed English lessons specifically designed to help their futures from writing cover letters to personal statements, allowing them to recognise their unique abilities and skills.

A special Newington Winners celebration assembly completed the week – each course recognised a standout participant who showed a real zest and enthusiasm, who worked collaboratively and supportively, and excelled using a new skill.

Assistant Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy said: “It is so important that as well as understanding all the exciting prospects their futures could hold, our children recognise their personal strengths that will help them define that future. We have elaborated on one of our core themes of ‘versatility’ by teaching them how to succeed, rather than just what they might do.”

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor believes the careers courses offer a valuable tool kit. She added: “We know that the future is changeable and unpredictable so teaching our children the connectedness of life skills and potential jobs will support them as they go forward in their lives.

“The response from the children, the teaching staff and the parents was extremely positive. There was so much energy about the whole week that encouraged our children to be well-equipped to move forward with confidence and a desire to succeed wherever their life journey takes them.”

PSHE is defined as a school curriculum intended to strengthen knowledge, skills, and connections. Specifically, it’s intended to keep children healthy and safe while equipping them with the fortitude to handle the challenges of adult life. The purpose is to equip youngsters with the tools they’ll need to become productive, responsible, social members of society.

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