Hartsdown pool to remain shut until 2023 due to Storm Eunice damage

Hartsdown pool reopening

Hartsdown pool will remain shut until 2023 due to damage to the roof from Storm Eunice in February and other necessary works.

In a statement on its website operator Your Leisure says: “It is with deep regret that the extent of the damage to the Hartsdown pool roof has created further complex required works due to its construction.

“Upon further inspection by engineers and building experts, it is likely that these works and associated building requirements will take much longer than previously expected and will extend the closure of the swimming pool into early 2023.

“We sincerely apologise for this news, we know it is not what you wished to receive but please be assured that we are working hard with our partners at Thanet District Council, structural engineers, contractors and building inspectors to ensure that these works are commenced and completed effectively to ensure the longevity of the facility.

“As you will appreciate, the current supply chain and inflation issues may also hinder progress in relation to the procurement of specialist materials.”

Your Leisure says affected members will have courses moved to other centres or subscription/membership frozen.

Swim School: Unless participants have moved to an alternative facility, those that have not transferred and been accommodated elsewhere have had their subscription frozen and these will only be reinstated once there is a re-opening date for the swimming pool.

Live Better Swim Members: Unless members have requested the reinstatement of their membership to use other facilities, these will have been frozen and will only be reinstated once there is a re-opening date.

All other memberships remain active due to other facilities continuing to remain open during this time.

For queries contact the Customer Service Team on 03333 660661 or email [email protected]


  1. 20 years ago,went to Butlins bognor regis.Saw WATERWORLD it had everything to keep kids and adults happy. That what Thanet should have here in Margate and Ramsgate. Nothing here in Thanet-A sad dump.

  2. Your leisure would be better named “ No Leisure” they are a useless management it’s like playing the lottery trying to get a swim in Ramsgate’s pool and if you are “lucky” it’s a COLD swimming pool. The winter gardens have closed now the Margate Pool is not going to reopen until at least 2023??? Why so long ??? Thanet District Council should be scrapped and all towns take back full control to run their own affairs.

    • If the council were useless, our rubbish would not be collected and our streets would not be swept.

      • My rubbish hasn’t been collected for three weeks, despite phone calls to TDC. Food caddy will walk to Shottendane on its own shortly. Road Sweepers??? Where? I visit Brixton frequently and the cleanliness puts Thanet to shame! Something seriously wrong here!! The isle is falling apart in front of our eyes.

      • They have a duty of care to do this but like the winter gardens, Carlton cinema and now the swimming pool they do not have to provide us with these because they don’t care about Thanet. All they’re interested in is making money for themselves.

  3. This country is in a state of terrible leadership. Leaders at all levels are lazy and incompetent and yet get massive pay rise and payoffs year on year.

    Why are our leaders allowed to just shut services and not do things like basic repair….

    We lost the lovely pirate ship playground. Theatre royal. This. Sturry road park and ride mothballed and now gone. Lifts to beaches.

    Broken Britain
    Broken Britain
    Broken Britain.

  4. Shows how long since I’ve been to Canterbury…… I had no idea Sturry Road park & road was closed. How ridiculous – where is everyone coming from east of Canterbury now supposed to park? Go all the way through Canterbury to Wincheap thus adding to traffic congestion? Or pay high prices to park in the city centre?

  5. Winter Gardens – CLOSED

    Theatre Royal – CLOSED

    Clock Tower toilets – CLOSED

    Swimming pool – CLOSED

    Fort Hill shelter – CLOSED

    Is there a pattern emerging here ?

    • ps

      I forgot to mention all the sell-offs : Dreamland Amusement Park, Dreamland car park and now the Westgate Logia.

  6. Wasn’t the building insured for such damage or are they just waiting for a skip?
    At least you have the beaches to swim until the stinging jellyfish turn up, unless they have been killed off by southern water outfall releases.

    • Might have been insured for storm damage, but there will no doubt be underlying dilapidation which needs putting right and that won’t be covered, another example of years of underinvestment finally showing the downside.

  7. Really, really bad news. I too fear the pool will remain closed. Until recently I would have said that Margate had pretty good facilities for its size. But as almost everyone’s said so far, that’s changing rapidly.

  8. its not a bad excuse in the scheme of things ? but like the previous postings about this septic isle i dont suppose it will reopen , and that large site is probably already earmarked for housing ???

  9. Just had a BRILLIANT idea! How about turning the leisure centre premises into a whopping great vacation ‘experience’? Changing rooms could be made into funky dormitories … communal showers, a private swimming pool for guests. Cafe would need upgrading – avocado with everything – local artists’ work on permanent display. Then there’s Hartsdown Park, what’s that about eh? Privatise it despite the inevitable protests and use it for GLAMPING! It’s gonna be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
    Any old residents that are left could be paid to walk the streets looking very content. And if the charming grittiness of Margate starts to dwindle, just bus in the youth of somewhere or other and orchestrate a proper punch up on the main sands. Like I said, AMAZING.

  10. Shut the pool for good.. turn it into an art gallery at least a better class of educated person would turn up ….

  11. Yet another leisure facility being left to rack and ruin from TDC or will this be sold onto a private buyer too? The council here have no interest in Thanet, never have, never will!
    TDC (They Don’t Care) are an absolute waste of time and money.

  12. A bigger all round leisure complex is desperately needed for Margate with facilities for children/families and senior citizens, given the seasonal weather I feel sure a all round leisure complex would be a asset to the Thanet area.

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