Toy Art exhibition heading to Ramsgate

Toy Art exhibition in Ramsgate

Ramsgate is the perfect spot for a toy art show, according to organisers.

The show “Toy Art” is set to open on Sunday, July 3 at the Front Room in Bellevue Road, Ramsgate, and will give people a chance to see a relatively new art form using the medium of toys.

Art toys are hand sculpted, cast, painted and packaged to look like real products then released in limited editions. There are now makers and collectors all around the world. All four of the artists in this show have sold their work globally to an appreciative audience.

Organiser Phil said: “This is Thanet’s first dedicated Toy Art show, so I’ve made sure I got four of the best British Toy Artists in the country

“Folk can expect some great, if enigmatic, work. You never know you might find something you like.
“It can be difficult getting the idea across, not least because if I use the term “adult toys” folk often get the wrong idea!

“The humorous style of the art suits a seaside town perfectly in being fun and light-hearted. Like a saucy postcard.”

Toy Art featuring Trap Toys, Based Gore, For The Love Of Old Toys, and Slug Industries is at The Front Room, 10 Bellevue Road, Ramsgate, CT11 8LB from July 3-10, 11 am – 5 pm. Closed Monday, July 4.


  1. i think we all know ( well at least the honest ones amongst us ) that anything passes as art nowadays

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