Newington primary goes red, white and blue for Jubilee celebrations

Jubilee fun at Newington

Newington Community Primary School became Red, White and Blue-ington School for the day to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

Patriotic pupils and staff wore red, white and blue clothing for their own special day of celebrations in honour of The Queen’s majestic milestone of unswerving service to the country and its people.

Centrepiece of the big day was a street party on the main school playground with children of all age groups seated on long decorated tables.

Girls and boys looked regal in decorative crowns they made in class, together with an array of union flags that were waved enthusiastically throughout.

As part of the jubilee event they also learnt about the history and heritage of the royal family and discovered interesting facts about the monarch’s unprecedented long reign.

Bunting and balloons were festooned everywhere – and there was a special visit from The Queen as well (well, a life-size cut-out, but it was very popular for souvenir pictures for pupils and staff).

To support the tradition of the royalty all children stood to sing a rousing version of the national anthem God Save The Queen.

And the hard-working kitchen team provided a tasty celebratory picnic that included bridge rolls with various fillings, a savoury buffet, and specially-created jubilee cupcakes.

The event was co-ordinated by Assistant Head Teacher Suzanne Legge who said: “It was a spectacular street party and it was especially lovely to see all our children coming together to mark this historic occasion of the Platinum Jubilee.  Newington is such a great community and it is moments like this that make us such a special school.

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor said: “Our street party was memorable fun for us all and thanks go to everyone who worked so hard to create such a warm and friendly celebration of our remarkable monarch.

“It is very important for our pupils to understand the history and heritage of our country and the royal family. We focus on British values – what makes Britain great runs through every aspect of our school community. Newington’s Platinum Jubilee is something our young children will remember for the rest of their lives.”


  1. ” unswerving service to the country and its people”

    You mean she sits on her gold throne watching while “her people” struggle with daily living ..

  2. well said ! do we realy believe she has any interest in this area at all ! theres nothing here for her . she prefers norfolk – windsor – and the scottish highlands to name but a few !

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