Armed officers attend group ‘disturbance’ and assault in Broadstairs

Image Kent Police

Armed officers were called in to attend a ‘disturbance’ in Broadstairs yesterday (June 10).

Reports were made of a group of youths with knives heading into the town after getting off a train. It is reported four or five people assaulted a second group and then left the scene.

Kent Police officers, including armed response, attended the High Street at 5.07pm.

Officers, including armed officers, attended the scene and a bladed weapon was located and seized. No arrests have yet been made. Police remain in the area carrying out enquiries.

Detective Inspector Vanessa Law, of Margate CID, said: “An investigation is underway and we are appealing for any witnesses to call the appeal line.

“We also understand some people in area may have mobile phone footage of the incident and we are urging them to contact us.

“Motorists with dashcam and businesses or residents with private CCTV are also asked to check for footage that may assist our enquiries.”

Anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/111715/22.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or using the online form on their website at


    • What makes you think they are from Ramsgate? It is clearly stated that they got off a train at Broadstairs station. I don’t know any youths who will get a train from Ramsgate to Broadstairs when they can easily walk there. Sorry but I live in Ramsgate and yes like ALL areas we have our unwanted people here just like EVERYWHERE.

  1. Broadstairs has always been where youth gangs sort their beefs. I can clearly recall riot police in Pierremont Park thirty years ago on a sunny weekday afternoon.

  2. I can confirm they are from the Medway towns .The Police knocked on our shop door looking for CCTV .I would highly suggest that Thanet Council install CCTV before someone gets killed .Police are doing there best they can with the limit resources thanks to government cuts and weak laws .

    • Certainly, more cctv and staff that know how to use it- not council. Contract it out.

      Tdc has plenty cash, just use the high st,levelling up and other central gov hand outs they have been gifted.
      Cctv will make a difference for many, refurbishing your own dilapidated property’s is for the few.

      Everything is possible, just needs good governance !

    • Definitely need CCTV in Broadstairs, groups of youths as young as 12 and 13 are intimidating locals and holiday visitors. The huge groups on the beach are a real nuisance. Drinking, smoking weed and no one us doing anything about it.

  3. English Heritage have refused to allow the stations in Thanet to have barriers. This attracts people with a bad attitude who believe they don’t have to pay for travel. Just overriding this ridiculous anomaly would help to reduce anti-social behaviour from some visitors.

    • On the many, many times I’ve got on or off trains at Thanet’s railway stations, I’ve never, ever seen gangs of knife wielding thugs roaming around.

      But I agree that there should be ticket barriers. Their absence does encourage fare evasion.

  4. ‘Londonville-On-Sea’ now – I have lived there all my life 50+ years & I just don’t see any familiar faces anymore – everyone you meet is a DFL so it has followed them down – I am leaving soon as it’s completely finished – I love my Broadstairs too but its been ruined.

    • Not just Broadstairs,the whole of Thanet has been ruined and it’s only going to get worse as more outsiders come in.

  5. I can’t believe that what “The Central Scrutinizer” says is correct. Perhaps he or she will move to Ramsgate, where a large proportion of the population does not seem to have moved here from London, and the people from London that I know are not thugs, let alone knife-wielding ones.

  6. The Central Scrurinizer, if you think it’s the hipster yummy/mummy, 3 wheeler pushchair, soya flat white coffee DFL’s that are ruining Thanet you are deluded! I think as said above it is the teenage unemployable ones from Medway towns that are coming to both Broadstairs and Margate on the trains and causing anti social and Ferrel behaviour, Kent police and TDC need to get this in hand asap

    • Very very easy if you’re Broadstairs born & bread-
      1. Sell house for £500k-£1M
      2. Buy house in Broadstairs £300K-£500K
      3. Rip new house to bits with surplus cash
      4. Buy new BMW/Merc/RangeRover or any other ‘look at me car’
      5. Get a surfboard/paddleboard & wetsuit
      6. Spend the first summer down the beach every day
      7. Get bored & rent a small shop
      8. Miss all their long time friends & family after sending endless photos of themselves on the beach ‘this is where I live’
      9. Wander around town talking to tourists telling them ‘We live here’
      10. Walk around town thinking they own it & looking down their noses at the damn pesky locals (those who are left)
      11. Year 2 Return to reality & wonder why they made the move once the novelty wears off.
      12. Buy a puppy so can walk along the beach to make them feel better & not so cut-off from distant family & friends.
      13. Go on organised beach cleans because the locals are useless at keeping them clean & the council paid cleaners just don’t do it right – making them feel better & part of their new community & post pics on social media of them doing it with bin liners full of whatever they can find (please don’t leave anything unattended on those days).

  7. Quite a lot of these “kids” jump the train from Herne Bay/Whitstable area.

    Problem with barriers at train stations is that there has to be Guards there to man them.

    Canterbury have them and most of the time they are left open and pointless having them.

    Get the On board manager (train guard) to actually check tickets on train.

    • If that’s a ‘problem’ it’s a very easy one to overcome: Don’t leave them open, and have staff in attendance!

  8. armed police on the streets of thanet – it just about says it all – however you try to dress it up

  9. Armed police have been deployed in Salisbury, Torquay, Totnes and goodness knows how many other towns in England. Does that “say it all” for Wiltshire and Devon?

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