Photos: Jubilee street party fun in Thanet

Street party fun in Percy Road Photo Photo Carlos Dominguez

Flags, crowns, Kings and Queens could be seen across Thanet as Platinum Jubilee street parties were held over the four day weekend.

There were cakes, bunting, royal-themed cut outs and lots of fun as residents marked the Queen’s 70th year on the throne.

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At Ocean Swell home in Westgate there was music by Jon Beetham, a cream tea and garden party and fun for residents, families and staff.

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In Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate, ‘royal carriages’ and cut out figures were amongst the fun while in Percy Road, Broadstairs, neighbours gathered for a celebration to mark the event.

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In Swinburne Avenue, Broadstairs, a party was organised by residents Pauline Lemon and Julie Warner.

Pauline said: “ The party started at 1pm with the whole street involved, we had DJ Greg Ward and Tania’s Ice Cream Van. There were prizes for the best dressed house and the best costumes, face painting and crown making. Over 250 people attended, it was a truly traditional street party with lots of memories made.”

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Fun was also had at a party in Rosedale Road and festivities in Cumberland Avenue and Beacon Road.

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Numerous streets across the district joined the celebrations, including the residents of Brassey Avenue in Broadstairs.

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Cub Scouts and Beaver Scouts of 1st Westgate-on-Sea were on camp and celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee with a visit from ‘Her Majesty’ – a cardboard cut out – and the young people choosing at random a celebrity to take to the Jubilee tea party and summer fete.


  1. Great celebrations over the weekend , the highlight for me was the Pageant / carnival down The Mall yesterday.
    Worst part was seeing Rod Stewart murdering Sweet Caroline
    If I never hear that song again it’ll be too soon ! Lol
    I’m a royalist and think that Charles,Camilla ,William ,Kate and family stepped up to the plate
    I know the Queen is now 96 , I’ve tried to cut her some slack ,but I was very disappointed with her various “no shows” over the weekend .
    Am I alone in thinking this ? I doubt it !
    I mean just 3 minutes on the balcony yesterday after all the ,effort and expense for the jubilee weekend event in her name .
    That’s not good enough !

    • Rod has completely lost it (‘Baby Jane’ was in a far lower key than the 1983 hit version!), and Diana Ross was either miming or had someone else singing lead vocals for her. Queen were great fun though (they should’ve closed the show!).

      • …and, why oh why is Glam Rock completely overlooked in these type of events? Suzi Quatro, Sparks, Roy Wood and Ian Hunter (to name just 4) are all very much still around!

        • Different horses for different courses , They’re not mainstream ,or relevant or either popular enough now.
          I’m a massive Sparks fan ,they’re still brilliant in concert but can you see the kids these days watching them in front of Buck House on Saturday night and getting them ?
          I don’t think so , although it would have been great seeing play “ This town ain’t big enough ,for both of us “.
          Ian Hunter is a Rock legend but not relevant to the mass audience watching the show .
          Maybe he could have come on with his mates Def Leppard especially as they have a new album to plug
          I would have much rather seen Ian Hunter and Joe Elliott of Def Leppard singing “ All the young dudes “than watch the naff set by “Sir” Roderick Stewart , that famous Scotsman , born in North London . Lol
          I think the organisers of these events always try to get typical British acts as well as current artists ,that most certainly was the case on Saturday , some who I can’t understand that got a higher billing than Duran Duran .
          Personally I think a major UK artist should have headlined the show instead of American singer Diana Ross who was lip synching ….. Hmm . That’s Apart from when she had a live mic to talk to the crowd !
          Which British artist would you ask to headline ?
          McCartney ? he can’t sing anymore , Elton did his video , Rolling Stones wouldn’t do it as they’re too cool ! Sting ? Maybe !
          The Who might have been a good choice especially as they still do a great live show ,are British , and have been around a long time ….nearly as long as The Queen ! Lol
          I’m not a big Robbie Williams fan but notice he recently played a UK gig at his football team ground , so why not ask him to take a part especially as he has wide audience appeal ?
          “Let me entertain you” is a much better song to finish on than what Ms Ross sang .
          Let’s see if she lip synch’s on her performance at Glastonbury later this month ?

          • Lulu! Seriously, she’s still a great singer (did you see her on Jools Hollands Hootenanny last December?!). Her doing (say) ‘Relight My Fire’, ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ and ‘Shout’ would’ve appealed to several generations at once!

        • Any truth Peter , that your big favourites (Lol) Pet Shop Boys were due to take part on the show and sing “ It’s a sin “ but were pulled because they wanted to dedicate it to …… Prince Andrew . Lol

          Btw. I’ve seen Lulu live in concert and can vouch that she can still sing .
          At least she got the gig yesterday on doing the commentary / comment for the Pagaent /carnival on BBC tv

  2. I feel feel sorry for the old chap pissing up the side of cancer shop, no toilets in Ramsgate town center, he was caught short
    So he had to go , shame on TDC

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