Celebrating ‘Be Here, Be You, Belong’ at Chilton Primary School

Chilton parade

The importance of individuality and a sense of belonging has been celebrated in style by children at Chilton Primary School.

An outdoor parade on the playing fields with family and friends watching on was the highlight of a term-long learning journey called Be Here, Be You, Belong.

Each class designed their section of the parade to be individualised for each child and the class as a whole. They chose a song to parade to – some had scooters, skateboards and bikes to show their interests, others cart-wheeled, some had designed their own t-shirts.

It was an enthusiastic, energetic and colourful affirmation of the work that was delivered through the PSHE part of the curriculum and which touched all corners of school life.

Head of School Kate Law, who drove the project together with PSHE lead Kirby Walker, is proud of the way the Chilton community embraced the initiative.

She said: “The focus for term five was for the whole school to learn about individuality coupled with a very real sense of belonging.

“Each year group had a book to consider which covered topics of diversity and inclusion. Teachers based learning around that text to cultivate a culture of the importance of being yourself without fear and to allow others to be themselves around you.

“This underpins and celebrates our school values of respect, equality, courage and kindness.

“The parade had a lovely carnival feel to it and it was special that we had parents in to watch the procession. The song choices by our girls and boys were equally diverse, ranging from Rick Astley to Imagine Dragons to Harry Styles.

“This is just one part of the important work that we do to build children’s self-respect and self-worth – but a parade helps to create a spark and that’s all you need to start a fire burning.”

*Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education focuses on strengthening the knowledge, skills, and connections to keep children healthy and safe and prepare them for life and work.

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