Montefiore Day Concert returns after three year absence

The annual Montefiore concert returns Photo Brian Whitehead

After a three year gap the annual Montefiore Day Concert at the Montefiore Synagogue, Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate, is back on Sunday 12 June at 3pm.

The popular bOYbershop Quartet returns to perform music from British, European, Sephardi and Yemenite Jewish traditions.

The Quartet’s musicians and singers are classically trained and are led by Benjamin Wolf, a former Oxford choral scholar and Musical Director of the world-famed Zemel Choir.

Tickets for the concert at the Montefiore Synagogue may be purchased at Nice Things, 19-20 Harbour Street, Ramsgate, CT11 8HA or online at:

Ramsgate Montefiore Heritage established the annual concert to commemorate the day in 1833 when Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore invited their Ramsgate non-Jewish neighbours to join them, their family and friends in celebrating the dedication of their synagogue.

Sir Moses Montefiore bought a plot of land and commissioned his cousin, architect David Mocatta, to design his own synagogue, which was opened with a grand public ceremony in 1833.

Judith Lady Montefiore died in 1862 at the age of 78. She was buried in the Mausoleum which was commissioned by Sir Moses and built just 15 paces from the Synagogue. When Sir Moses died in 1885 he was just 3 months short of his 101st birthday and in accordance with his wishes, he was buried alongside his wife.