Platinum Jubilee: Celebrations at St Laurence Juniors

Jubilee fun at St Laurence

Children, staff and parents from St Laurence Junior School paid their tributes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a host of celebrations to mark the Platinum Jubilee.

Red, white and blue was the theme at St Laurence, where pupils and staff wore the patriotic colours for a wonderful day of royal celebrations.

Throughout the week leading up the end of term, pupils undertook a variety of Jubilee related activities such as crown making, creating a piece of collaborative Jubilee inspired art and creating commemorative ceramic plates before joining together on the school field for a party on the final day of term.

From photographs with a life-sized Queen cut-out amid a spectacular balloon arch, selfies with royal props to union flag temporary tattoos and doughnuts, a memorable day was had by all!

The youngsters were then joined by their parents for some special performances based on dances through the decades of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Flags waved patriotically as children sang the National Anthem and the official Platinum Jubilee Anthem ‘Rise Up and Serve’.

The school was awash with puddings fit for a Queen as pupils took part in their very own Platinum Jubilee Pudding Competition.

The school’s trustees were invited into school to judge the tasty treats and decide on the top 3 puddings. This was an incredibly difficult job as the quality was so high. Huge congratulations to Ruby- Louise, Aqua and Ronnie who were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Deputy Head Louise Buckland said: “It was so lovely to be able to bring the whole school community back together again to celebrate such a historic moment.

“The children had a great day whilst learning all about the impressive reign of our monarch.”

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  1. Thats it start indoctrinating them into royalists at a young age! I remember the coronation street party in 1953, jam sandwiches, fish paste sandwiches, and some home made cup cakes. It took me years to see through the monarchy as being there to distract people from all the misgovernment going on, and the kowtowing of people to get a gong for doing their job anyway! Anyone who has served in the armed forces will feel queasy when they see Prince Charles and some of the others bedecked in medals, but who never served in the armed forces, and certainly didn’t see a days active service! He’s even sporting Paratroopers wings, but I bet he has never jumped out of an RAF plane! What a farce they are!

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