New Mayor for Broadstairs and St Peter’s elected at Town Council meeting

Mayor Roy Dexter and Mayoress Brenda Rogers

Councillor Roy Dexter was elected Chairman of the Council for the 2022-2023 civic year at the annual meeting last week.

Cllr Dexter announced his intention to use the term Town Mayor and declared his Mayoress to be Brenda Rogers.

He said: “It is an honour and a pleasure to be appointed Mayor of Broadstairs and St Peter’s.

“Brenda and I are looking forward to promoting and representing the town and raising money for our chosen charities, Pilgrims Hospice and the RSPCA.”

On behalf of the Town Council, Cllr Dexter extended his thanks to the outgoing Mayor, Cllr Paul Moore and Mayoress Cllr Wendy Moore, for their hard work during the period of their mayoralty, 2018-2022.

Cllr Bob Bayford was elected Deputy Chairman of the Town Council.

At the same meeting, the Mayor presented the Mayoress Cup to representatives of St Peter’s Food Bank.  Cllr Dexter explained that the cup was presented to an organisation or group who, in the opinion of the Town Council, has made a significant contribution to promoting Broadstairs and St Peter’s and/or the well-being of the local community.

The Town Mayor presented the Millennium Cup to Karen McKenzie for her work with various volunteer groups across the district including the Town Council as its Volunteer Tree Warden.

The cup is awarded annually to a person or persons who, in the opinion of the Town Council, has made a significant contribution to promoting both Broadstairs and St. Peter’s and/or the wellbeing of the local community.


  1. Question : How can Tory TDC counsellor Brenda Rogers for Cliffsend / Pegwell Bay be Mayoress for Broadstairs ?
    Wasn’t there any suitable suitable local,TDC counsellors for the role living in Broadstairs and St Peters. ?

    • Perhaps she lives in Broadstairs ?

      One does not have to live in the ward, let alone the town, that one represents on the council.

      However, one would have expected the Mayoress to have a seat on the Town Council . . . (albeit that the role of the mayor is non-political)

      • Thanks for your reply John but isn’t that a contradiction ? “ It’s not a political position “, yet she is clearly a TORY councillor ,albeit with TDC !
        It’s quite obvious that there is a connection there .

  2. The Mayor chooses whoever he likes to be his Mayoress. Then they BOTH support and REPRESENT Broadstairs and St Peters.
    They have to remain a-political throughout their year(s) while on Mayoral Duties.
    Don’t forget he is the chosen Number 1 Broadstairs Citizen for his term of Office, and he’s a great choice. Good Luck!

  3. And really is a food bank a hi light of Broadstairs. Shame on tories for making food banks it’s nothing to be proud about. Change this 20 year ago… Glorious food bank Broadstairs

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