Free Girls Rugby Club to launch at Thanet Wanderers

Join Thanet Wanderers Girls

Thanet Wanderers Rugby Club has received funding as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund to start a new free Girls Rugby Club for all girls aged 11-18 (school years 7-13).

The sessions will run every Tuesday from June 14, 6pm-7pm, with free food available in the clubhouse for the girls from 7pm-7.30pm.

Lucia Tanner, from Wanderers Girls Rugby, said: “Girls’ and Women’s Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and offers fantastic opportunities to build self-esteem, improve fitness, make strong friendships, learn discipline and resilience, meet new people and so much more! That’s why we would love to see participation grow across Thanet.

“All girls are welcome, whether they have any experience playing rugby or none at all. We have lots of excellent players who had never even watched a game of rugby before coming along to a training session.

“One of the fantastic things about rugby is that this sport truly values diversity. We would like to encourage all girls regardless of sporting ability to come to the Girls Club and would also particularly encourage girls who may not consider themselves to be stereotypically ‘sporty’ or might not have found a sport that works for them, to come along to a Tuesday session and see how they feel.”

Thanet Wanderers has four youth girls teams, as well as a thriving ladies team, further information can be found on the website.

As with all of the Thanet Wanderers’ youth training, coaches are insured and DBS checked as per RFU regulations. The sessions will run over the summer and through the 2022-2023 Rugby Season. Thanet Wanderers is based at St Peter’s Rec off Callis Court Road in Broadstairs.

To sign up please visit or contact the team for more information using [email protected].