Newington pupils boost teaching assistant’s Parkinson’s UK fundraiser

Nina and teaching assistant Summer are raising funds for Parkinson's UK

Newington Community Primary children collectively put their best feet forward to help raise funds for Parkinson’s UK.

The young charity champs were each sponsored to walk 1km around the playing fields as part of a themed ‘blue day’ in aid of the nationwide appeal.

The initiative to support the cause is from Reception year group teaching assistant Summer Dyer who planned a 26 mile coastal walk from Westgate to Cliffsend – the length of the full marathon.

Summer was joined on the long-distance trek by Nina Serveld to raise awareness of the disease and generate funds – so far they have raised £587 on their JustGiving page, which beats their target of £500 for the charity.

Summer said: “My mum has lived with Parkinson’s for around 11 years now. She was diagnosed at the age of 56 and it impacts her every day life. Nina’s job is care in the community and she has clients that live with the condition.” Nina is also a former Newington staff member.

In a show of support, Newington decided to have a special day of awareness and fund-raising as well.

Head teacher Hannah Tudor said: “Although not one of our usual charity affiliations, when we heard about Summer’s charity efforts for Parkinson’s UK we rallied together to support her, again showing our community strength at Newington.

“The school held a ‘wear blue day’ for a donation and had a themed blue cupcakes for lunch time pudding.

“Every child walked their own mile in school which the PE team set up with stops around the circuit to show them how this related to the walk Miss Dyer was doing.

“At a special assembly presented by Leigh-Beth Stroud from Parkinson’s UK our girls and boys heard how taking action and getting involved can help change the outcomes for sufferers. It is part of our pupils’ ongoing wider learning of how important it is for everyone to work together for solutions.”

Summer, Nina and Leigh-Beth Stroud from Parkinson’s UK

The Newington pupils raised £367.51 to add to Summer’s total – Summer walked 62,000 steps in just short of 8 hours on her coastal marathon.

Summer’s Just Giving page online is

*Parkinson’s UK is a Parkinson’s research and support charity in the United Kingdom. Its aims are to improve the quality of life for people affected by Parkinson’s and find a cure for the condition. For more information go online to