Low Lying Sun makes a stop at Elsewhere Margate

Low Lying Sun heading to Margate

Low Lying Sun are off on tour with The Native next month but first they will be making a stop at Elsewhere Margate for an epic warm up show on May 26.

Indie rockers The Circus Birds and newly emerged Debdepan will be joining Low Lying Sun for the event.

The Circus Birds offer high octane music with their new single ‘Night Two’ reaching Top 40 in the iTunes Alt Rock charts.

Debdepan are a 2 piece alternative/ethereal band from Kent and are heavily influenced by the likes of Warpaint, Marika Hackman and PJ Harvey.

For new promoters Soundabout this is perceived as a full circle moment, Essex being where organiser Summer Rose’s love for music was nurtured in her upbringing.

She said: “To be able to bring a band from my old home to my new home of two years, brings a somewhat sense of fulfillment to the existence of the gig.”

The gig at Elsewhere in The Centre is on Thursday, May 26, tickets are £9 through DICE



    • That’s your stock boring answer for every band there’s a feature on ….. it’s getting a bit repetitive !
      Change the record ( No pun intended . Lol )
      Think about it …. Just because you’ve not heard of them doesn’t mean that they’re no good !
      Even The Beatles and Rolling Stones had to start from obscurity
      Would you have openly dismissed them at the start of their careers like you do everyone else ?
      I think we know the answer to that , don’t we !

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