Fire crews attend tipped up skip lorry in Kingsgate Avenue

Fire crews are at the scene Photo Ben Cooper

Fire crews are currently at the scene after a skip lorry upended in Kingsgate Avenue this morning (May 19).

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 11.28 to reports a skip lorry had tipped into a vertical position in Kingsgate Avenue, Broadstairs.

“One fire engine is attendance, as well as the technical rescue unit.”

The road is closed while crews deal with the incident. The driver is unhurt.

A Kent Police spokesperson added: “Kent Police is attending Kingsgate Avenue in Broadstairs following a report that a lorry had tipped over.

“Officers were called to the scene at around 11.30am. Kent Fire and Rescue Service is also in attendance. No injuries have been reported.

“The road remains closed while recovery work is ongoing.”


  1. Must be skip content was to heavy for the lifting gear seen it before, wet soil or a lot of heavy hardcore will most likely be reason, contract paperwork will most likely say do not fill with soil only or above certain line, its all because of weight distribution and limitations, I would not expect the driver to be a cowboy in this case.

  2. New ones on me: Cowboy Outfit and Contract Paperwork restricting amount of Hardcore and Soil limits. I have only seen “No Asbestos No Plaster Board and No Paint. Remind me never to use a skip when demolishing a building or when digging footings.

  3. Looking at the firm who’s truck is in the picture (and the biggest waste management company in Thanet) this is no cowboy outfit. Most likely who ever was responsible for loading the skip overloaded it causing the issue. Add to that with all the heavy rain we have had that might have added to the skips weight and this will happen.

  4. surely then its up to the driver as to wether to lift it. if its overloaded he should have known not to attempt anything so dangerous , and dont forget the emergency srevices probably have more pressing things to attend too.

  5. thats a 12 yard skip which is only designed for light waste and when hiring that sized skip the skip company asks whats going in it ,i have seen some builders half fill these sized skips with incredibly heavy material and put light stuff on top so when the driver turns up to pick it up the lorry goes skywards.

    • Chris close thanks for the skip size information, and agree with what you say is exactly what did happen with the situation I have seen once before when lorry tipped up soil and hardcore in bottom general wood on top, skip company taken to court but didn’t get finned the builders did knowing what they were doing was deliberately going to over load a lorry. (Bexley court August 1994)

  6. Maybe it’s time to ban All skips from thanet.. this incident could have been far worst .. BAN THEM NOW before someone gets hurt or killed by one !

  7. There is another photo on the internet. Google. Skip lorry tips over backwards in Kingsgate Avenue

  8. I think Google will soon be redundant. There are so many experts that comment here constantly on any subject, this is the best place to look!

    • But did you see the photo of the doomed skip lorry & the two skips, for some reason the splash was taken down but google never forgets.

      Could be a hse investigation, so kind of leaving it there on the tarmac.

  9. It begs belief how this could happen in 2022 with lorries having hydraulic rear equipment to prevent the issue happening in the first place. A lorry should never tip over – worst case scenario is at the lorry will not lift it. The operator needs retraining.

    Skips cost an awful lot of money, and I for one certainly don’t blame many builders trying to get rid of their hardcore through this paid for means; this is the only legitimate way to do it other than illegal dumping.

    The biggest provider allows all things to go in with the exception of excess plasterboard and asbestos, so it is a nonsense comment to suggest heavy waste such as bricks and steel can’t go in.

    You all might want to think about this before installing these whimsical bi-fold door garden facing kitchens.

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