Emergency services in attendance at Ramsgate crash

The collision happened in Whitehall Road

Emergency services are currently at the scene of a collision in Ramsgate.

Kent Police received a report of the crash involving two vehicles at around 3.30pm today (May 16).

Officers and the South East Coast Ambulance Service are attending the scene in Whitehall Road, Ramsgate.

No-one required hospital treatment.


  1. Trying to work this one out. Going up hill to the very nearby junction and facing the wrong way. Oo-er, madam, and I hope no one was hurt.

    • This is why I have recently given up driving and sold my car. I got to a point where I was too nervous to even try to drive down the road to Tesco let alone anywhere else. I also am glad no-one was hurt.

  2. Yet another example why we need less cars on the road .. if this was a pedestrian only zone this would not have happened.. people need to think about others before their (what’s in it for meeeeee) selfish attitudes

    • Frank, besides wondering how this accident came to be I am also wondering what on earth you are ranting on about and why. This area is a well used cut through and has as much chance of being pedestrianised as the main Margate Road it junctions with just out of the photograph. This is a road that is no more dangerous than any other in the area, so why the angst about the need for ‘thinking of others’ and any perceived ‘selfish attitudes’?Just where are you coming from, I also ask?
      I would guess it was no more than a driver not paying attention in this case, unless you know something we don’t.

      • I don’t know anything we don’t all know.. electric cars and more pedestrian zones will help with emmition reductions which will help stop climate change and hence save the planet… surly we all want this ?? .. please say if you don’t and why ?? I’m interested

  3. Agree with Ton on this a strange position to be considering what side of the road they are, I heard what sounded like a car crash at same time, but daughter didn’t see anything about an hour later as came round that way. We have a boy racer in our road his car is identical or almost alike, have been waiting for him to knock one of the kids over the ridiculous way he drives doing hand brake turns with kids walking on pavements and close by, I know he has been reported for his driving not by me someone else beat me to it unless he is seen or has a road traffic incident ( not called accidents anymore and his wouldn’t bean accident it would be dangerous driving at least.

    • Ton so if they pedestrianised your road the boy racer would not exist there .. ?
      I agree with you people who drive dangerously should be dealt with by the law informant

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